Competitive Jump Rope Leaps Into the Suburbs (Video)

Taryn Marriott.jpg
Christina Mendenhall
Taryn Marriott, 8, explains how important it is to smile while competing.
Two weeks ago we introduced you to the ambitious, endearing world of competitive jump rope in South Florida. There are speed drills, tears, backflips, and Olympic aspirations.You can read the cover story -- including my stint as a rope jumping champion -- here. But if you're more of a visual learner, check out this video by ace photographer Christina Mendenhall. It features scenes from the USA Jump Rope Region 13 Qualifying Tournament on March 31 in Miami Gardens, with a soundtrack by Lake Worth band Guy Harvey. The kids in black-and-white shirts are from the Hurricane Jumpers team in Miami Shores, the blue shirts are the Jumpin' Beinz from Kendall, and those in red shirts are from the Supersonics team in Coral Gables. Watch and be amazed.

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