Casey Anthony's Lawyer Writing Tell-All Book; You Can Pre-Order It

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Note: We've since had the opportunity to chat with Baez about the book (and about this blog post).

Texas-based BenBella Books announced yesterday that Jose Baez, the South Florida attorney who successfully defended Casey Anthony on murder charges, will be releasing a book in July that "exposes shocking, never-before-revealed, exclusive information from the trial of the century."

Although the announcement clearly states that "this is NOT a 'Casey Anthony is innocent' book," it's definitely a "let's make some cash off of Casey Anthony" book, and you can toss your $26.95 into the hat on today. That's a full $8.80 more expensive than the book the prosecutor wrote about the ridiculous trial.

"On July 17th 2008, my life changed forever. I think the time has come for the whole story to be told," Baez said. "There are so many behind-the-scenes facts and stories that have never been made public. I look forward to sharing my story."

And the release really makes Baez's story sound inspiring -- it promises to show "how Baez, a struggling, high-school dropout, became one of the nation's most high-profile defense attorneys" and to serve as an "all-access pass" to "never-before-disclosed defense secrets." BenBella  founder Glenn Yeffeth said he was proud to publish a book that would "force [readers] to challenge their assumptions."

"The real story of the trial -- far more fascinating and nuanced than what anyone has heard so far -- has not yet been told," Yeffeth said.

The book, called Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, was cowritten with sports journalist Peter Golenbock, most famous for his 1975 bestseller Dynasty: The New York Yankees 1949-1964. So now the list of people Golenbock has written about includes Joe DiMaggio, Jim Valvano, and the guy who sold bikinis on the internet before writing a bottom-feeding book about how awesome he was at defending an accused murderer.

Presumed Guilty joins the list of BenBella books that includes The Psychology of the Simpsons and How to Talk to Hot Women.

And if reading isn't your game, don't worry -- Rob Lowe just got cast in the Lifetime movie they're making about the trial.

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Irene Merola
Irene Merola

I can not believe that Jose Baez, and Casey Anthony are  trying to make money from the death of a beautiful baby girl who died at the hands of her own sick mother. Jose Baez, and Casey Anthony should both be locked up somewhere far away, together, so they can chloriform each other to death! I hope and pray nobody buys their books, in my opinoin it would be all lies anyways, and we already know what they are. I can't stand either one of them and I really wish they would disappear from the face of this earth.



Linda S
Linda S

No way Jose!I wouldn't shell out a red cent to hear any more of his BS!He helped a murderer walk, and he is very proud of himself for that. He has no morals or ethics.I think 95% of the country feels the same way as I do.Please go away!

Robert Frank
Robert Frank


The petition addresses the DOJ's internal policy that guides them in deciding whether or not to bring federal charges against someone after a that person has already been tried by a state.

(or go to and search for BREUER)

Shirley Y
Shirley Y

Mr. Baez is nothing but a "bottom feeder".  He played "dirty" and is the most unethical man I've ever heard of.  I truly believe if he had presented his case in an ethical and professional manner,   Ms. Anthony would have received a guilty verdict.  As it was, he thru everything but the kitchen sink out there until his garbage so confused the jury and they had no choice but to vote the way they did.  I wouldn't pay 2 cents for his worthless story.

B Peab
B Peab

I hope nobody buys Jose Baez blood money book. I personally will never buy a book from the publisher. Have they no ethics at all

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