One of Two Airlines Flying to Niagara Falls Ditches Fort Lauderdale International

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Jim and Pam: If they took Allegiant, it wasn't from FTL.
Niagara Falls is one of the most recognizable natural wonders in North America, 165 feet tall in places and as majestic as a bald eagle flying in slow motion with a golden scepter in its talons.

So it was good news when Allegiant Air announced last month that it would be flying routes from Fort Lauderdale up to the small Niagara Falls International Airport -- until this month, when it said never mind.

Though the route it scheduled to start July 1, an Allegiant spokeswoman says the company will stop the route September 2 because "we just didn't as strong of a demand as we anticipated."

She said anyone who bought tickets for flights after September 2 will be contacted by the company.

Way to not buy enough tickets, South Florida. The only other airline that flies to Niagara Falls is Spirit Airlines, which just announced that it will charge you up to 100 bucks for your carry-on. If you had your heart set on Allegiant, though, they're still flying to the falls from Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa.

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It is good news when Allegiant Air would be flying routes from Fort Lauderdale up to the small Niagara Falls International Airport.

al frady
al frady

Cancelling after a month leaving Spirit with a monopoly on the Niagara to Fort Lauderdale route smells fishy to me.  Press releasing a route and not delivering is blatantly false advertising at best (which Allegiant has been caught out on recently already) , criminally conspirting to reduce competition at worst.  The Feds should be investigating Allegiant and Spirt on this yesterday!!

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