Top Five BSO Swag Bag Finds (Including Al Lamberti Sponge)

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Lisa Rab
Yes, there's a Lamberti sponge.
Recently, I had the privilege of attending a meeting between local Muslim leaders and law enforcement officials.This heartwarming gathering, designed to improve relations between cops and South Florida's Muslim community, was hosted by the Broward Sheriff's Office. Therefore, everyone who attended got a free bag of BSO swag.

Never give a New Times reporter swag. Ethically, she is required to make fun of it. Hence, a list of the Top Five Best BSO Swag:

5. Sticky notes. Fluorescent-colored, contained in a book with the BSO logo stamped on the front.

4. Key chain. Nothing too exciting here, just a green star resembling a sheriff's badge. However, it does have the sheriff's office phone number on it, just in case.

3. Hand sanitizer. A convenient purse-sized spray bottle, also sporting the BSO logo. Fun to whip out at parties and demonstrate how easy it is to carry a Sheriff Al Lamberti memento in your pocket.

2. Sheriff Al Lamberti sponge. This appears to be a white piece of cardboard with Lamberti's name on it. But it contains instructions: "Dip in water -- see what happens." Voilà.The cardboard becomes a sponge, and Lamberti's name gets bigger.

1. Bounce house. This was not technically included in the swag bag, but BSO Sgt. Rudolph Nesbitt said the sheriff's office has a bounce house, which it provides free for community events. It's a crime prevention tool, Nesbitt explained. "We're not in the party business. With kids... you have to have something that's gonna grab their attention."

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Why does he have to put his name on everything.  He said he was not a politician.  C'mon man.


All the Sheriff's trinkets were bought with taxpayer dollars, isn't that great!  I don't see anything wrong with Granteed being endorsed by the DiMaggio Foundation.  They do a lot of great things for the community (Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, Fundraising, etc). Granteed also works very hard to help the community and has for years.


Lissssaaa, this would have been a perfect time to ask Lamberti about the charges in the BSO book, and on why he won't give the New Times an interview?   Maybe he wasn't there or I'm sure you would have. 

Also read Louie Granteed got Joe Dimaggio to endorse him.  Frankly, I'm tired of deceased people showing up in politics, voting or endorsing.  And, as I recall, DiMaggio was a mean, nasty wife beater (If you can beat MM, then you'd have to be really bad), wasn't really a very decent human being all around.  Who would want that endorsement in politics, I don't know. 

Lisa Rab
Lisa Rab

Alas, Lamberti was not at the meeting.

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