Sid Rosenberg DUI Arrest: Charges Filed; Arraignment Set for End of Month

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Charges for DUI and driving with a suspended license have been filed against former WQAM-AM (560) sports radio host Sid Rosenberg, who was arrested April 5 after police say they found him crying and vomiting in the middle of the road.

His arraignment has been scheduled for April 30 at 9 a.m., according to Broward County court records, and will be presided over by Judge Gary Cowart.

Rosenberg could in theory end this whole mess then, with a guilty or no-contest plea. He faces a wide range of potential penalties if convicted: a fine of up to $2,000, 50 hours of community service, and up to a year in jail, among other things.

There are also provisions to allow the courts to count time spent in rehab toward the jail sentence, which Rosenberg's judge has said he's in favor of: Cowart's name appears in a 2001 legal paper from the University of Florida in which the authors note that Cowart "explained to us that... if he does see recidivism, he would look to substitute residential treatment in lieu of jail time."

And recidivism, by Rosenberg's own admission, is kind of a specialty: "I've fallen off the fucking thing a million times, a million," he wrote in his 2010 book. "I'm nobody's example."

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Mark my words, that scumbag will blame Tootsies...lawsuit on way from his wife!


Yo SID.....................your a P.O.S. Get your NY attitude out of town and never come back. South Florida doesn't need your arrogance on its airwaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't miss you Sid ... I never like you anyway... Go do your rehab in new York ...

Mark From Coral Springs
Mark From Coral Springs

Yo Sid I miss you man. I want to wish you a speedy recovery from your mess and hope that you will be back on the air to make money for your family and entertain us. Sid keep your head up love ya. Mark from Coral Springs


Praying for Sid. Really feel bad for him. Fighting those demons is tough. Great talent. Really miss him on the air.

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