Broward Antibullying Event Features Two Accused of Domestic Violence

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Remember pretending you didn't buy this?
The National Voices for Equality, Education and Enlightenment is a South Florida-based antibullying organization. It's holding a "VIP Reception and Recognition Ceremony" tonight at the Hard Rock with a "special appearance" by Creed frontman Scott Stapp and a "lifetime service award" being given to Liza Minnelli. 

Neither is a stranger to bullying, though, and according to their significant others, both Stapp and Minnelli were the perpetrators.

David Gest, Minnelli's fourth husband, sued her for $10 million before their eventual divorce in 2007, saying he'd required days of hospitalization and received nerve damage in drunken beatings from Minnelli, according to the Washington Post. The case was eventually thrown out, but Gest didn't take the option to appeal after a confidential settlement.

NVEEE founder Jowharah Sanders said that Minnelli was selected by the kids in the organization's programs and that "the kids sort of recommended Liza" after learning about her in a mentoring program.

"We thought about it as the adults," she said, and decided Minnelli was "a great choice."

"She didn't do anything with the organization in particular," Sanders said, adding that she wasn't aware of the allegations against Minnelli.

As for Stapp, he was charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony in 2007 after his wife told police he threw a glass bottle of Orangina at her face, according to USA Today. Jaclyn Stapp told police "she was in fear for her life," according to the police report.

No, they didn't get divorced. She's hosting the antibullying event tonight.

Stapp's charges were later downgraded to a misdemeanor and then dropped after he sent an apology to a morning DJ because, hey, he's famous.

When asked about how the organization justifies a "special appearance" by someone whom the event's host accused of throwing glass bottles, a spokeswoman responded, "Hold on one second; I'm going to have to..." and got off the line. She came back and said, "I'm not at liberty to talk about it" but said someone who could comment would be calling back.

Sanders, however, wasn't afraid to comment:

"Scott Stapp is not our spokesperson. Scott Stapp happens to be the husband of our spokesperson," she said -- though Stapp is noted on the event announcement, the invitation, and in a news release.

"We work with kids who are bullies. We don't just work with people who have a shining image," she added. "We're not in any way ashamed of working with the people we're choosing to work with... Do we know about his past? Yes."

She also said that while Minnelli hadn't done anything for the organization, "the Stapps absolutely have," with Jaclyn Stapp working closely with the mentoring programs and going into schools with the organization for antibullying programs.

"She's made herself 100 percent available to us," Sanders said.

Michelle Soudry, Scott Stapp's publicist, did call back and said the couple is "better than ever."

"Those charges were dropped. They've been happily married for over five years now," Soudry said. "They have a very healthy relationship... Five years in a celebrity marriage is a blessing."

If you want to ask Stapp about it yourself, the event starts at 7:30 in Bongos Cuban Cafe in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino; tickets cost $20 at the door.

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Yeah, that's why it's called forgive and FORGET.


What would Jesus say? Those without sin cast the first stone. Everyone has the right to be forgiven for their sins no one is perfect, not even the person who wrote this News article.

Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann

If you are going to drag up a short time frame of a person's past and write about it like you did here, I think you have a responsibility to tell the whole story.

Ever see the show intervention? People who are in pain turn to alcohol and drugs because they don't know how to handle the things that are tearing them up inside. When that is happening to a person you show compassion and do everything you can to get them help. When they are sick they do really destructive things, but that isn't the real person that is the sick person under the influence.

I have not heard many people in the public eye admit what they did and say sorry as many times as Scott Stapp. Even on tour he says on stage how he messed up.

The rock and roll lifestyle got a hold of a guy in one of the top rock bands, that so stunning? No, what is stunning is the fact he faced his issues told the world he was sorry and got help. Alot of musicians spend an entire career in addiction. Here is one who didn't. He even has a book coming out soon called Sinners Creed about all of it, which I bet ends up helping other people.

Too bad another writer just went for an easy trashing of a person. This kind of writing really gets boring to us readers.  


I love how press like this take something way in the past and act like that is someone's complete definition.  Use your time to "go after" real stories would you.  I guess none of the good things the Stapp's do or have done matter right, just this past situation from years ago when the dude had a substance problem.  People with substance issues do dumb shit how shocking. How about talking about something that is actually current like that the stapps went to japan a few weeks ago for our troops and to help the tsunami victims there. Or that a day or two after that trip how they went to help the local police K9 unit raise money to care for the police dogs. And I could go on, but press people only like old things not current events. When Stapp is 80 years old and doing some charity I bet you re-write this same story then too. You press people regurgitate the same story so often people are sick of it. If you did your home work you would know the kind of person Stapp is today, he got help and rebuilt his life after addiction.  He is a rockstar who beat the odds.  But you press glorify rockstars who live that way and never change. And crap on ones that do change.  How does that make sense? Report on it fine, but do your homework and add the rest of the story.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

Jesus would probably say not to throw things at your wife.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

Tell the whole story? His wife told police he threw a glass bottle at her face. "I partied too hard because I'm a big rock star" is not "the whole story," it's a lame, disgusting excuse, and hopping on a nice plane to Japan or giving money to a police department doesn't fix it. This wasn't back in the '80s -- it was five years ago, and his accuser was the host of the event.

Oh, heavens, he said sorry into a microphone! I am not in any way impressed that he "faced his issues told the world he was sorry and got help." Not even a little. He deserves PRAISE for not spending his entire career in addiction? Get a grip.

It was an easy trashing because it's such an obvious contradiction. And being a really nice guy afterward won't make it go away.


Actually, Jesus forgives if you ask forgiveness. Which I have no doubt that Scott has. You are making a mountain out of a molehill with regard to the anti-bullying event. Obviously they have accepted that Scott is a changed man and are not blowing it out of proportion. I do not for one minute believe that Scott thinks his charity work in any way makes up for the mistakes of his past. That isn't the point. Scott and Jacqueline are kind, generous people that are doing their part to help others. Plain and simple. Articles such as the one above are just one of many that continue to point out his past mistakes, so I highly doubt that anyone will be able to forget. Furthermore, Scott has not asked for people to forget, rather, he's humbly asked people to forgive him for the pain he caused.

Liam Dupree
Liam Dupree

Wow Rich you come across as way to intense which suggests to me you have your own personal issue with Stapp.  So you are telling me you are personally defined by your worst mistake and that is who you are the rest of your life?  Interesting... So if we dug around in your closet what is your definition?  Ever got drunk and did something dumb? Or are you perfect, God almighty himself?  Every person I know has a drunk dumb mistake in their past.  They certainly are not defined by it the rest of life. 

If his wife stayed with him and the couple has worked through his addiction and this thing that happened, well that part speaks more loudly to me. A man can come through addiction and mistakes, mend his marriage and go on to be a better man. Yes, Rich a person can move past a bad mistake and make a better future.  

That is why the past is called the past ;)

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

What personal issues can you deduce I have with Stapp? How does being "way to intense" suggest anything? You're getting into personal attacks here, and I honestly can't figure out why. My being imperfect has nothing to do with this and you know it, and you're jumping to strange conclusions.

Frankly, I don't care what "part speaks more loudly" to you. I said Stapp was accused of throwing a bottle at his wife, and now he's at an anti-bullying event. I included comment from the organizers, and from Stapp's publicist. I pointed out the contradiction, and those representing him made a case that he was a different guy. I never suggested a person can't move past a bad mistake, but are we supposed to forget it ever happened?

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