Police Say This Guy on a Razor Scooter Robbed a 97-Year-Old Woman

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On April 12, a 97-year-old woman was out with her 85-year-old sister, doing what old folks do. Police didn't say what they were doing, exactly -- probably drinking milk shakes and talking about Herbert Hoover or how crazy air travel is or whatever people talk about when they're pretty much made of dust.

In any case, around 4:30 p.m. they were wafting themselves toward a bus at the Publix Shopping Center at 9886 Glades Road in Boca Raton when, according to police, the man pictured at right ran up from behind, grabbed one of their purses, and fled. One of the women was knocked out of her wheelchair, and the other, pushing her, fell over too.

The police statement doesn't say which one was in the wheelchair, but the bottom line is that both of them ended up on the ground and one of them had to be swept up off the sidewalk and taken to the hospital with two broken ribs.

Luckily, there are clues. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says the perpetrator was inside the Publix before the crime, and they've released pictures of him in the store... riding a scooter. If you recognize this man, this  sticky-fingered scootrobber, police ask that you call the Crime Stoppers line at 1-800-458-TIPS.

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Giving this punk the respect of referring to him as a man is unwarranted.  Only his hobitch mamma thinks of him with respect.


Rich, nice of you to post the pics and report the story. But making fun of the victims ("they're pretty much made of dust") is low. I'm almost surprised you didn't list their addresses, as you have for law enforcement officers and reporters.I actually enjoy your reports, generally. And there are times victims are humorous. But injuries to a victim this age will change or even end their life. In addition, elderly readers of your column probably don't want to be reminded that their close to the end.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

I appreciate the kind words. Really. It's not often someone has a complaint that doesn't include references to what kind of a body part I am.

When it comes to addresses, I only pass along documents released by the law enforcement agencies themselves -- our publication's policy is not to redact anything past what authorities feel is necessary. I don't go looking around for reasons to publish the night jobs of police officers or the home address of Bob Norman, but if they show up in the course of a report, then that's how they get presented here. I give people as much information as I, just another member of the public, am given, though I see your point.

As for the being made of dust, I think we're going to have to disagree on that one. I didn't write it that way to rub it in to the victims that they are frail, I did it to underscore how shameless the attacker was. And when it comes to the blog's elderly readers, if they're 97 then they've statistically speaking been "close to the end" for a few decades. I don't think I'd be breaking any news to them, and I think the rest of the story -- that the elderly are extremely susceptible to crime -- is more troubling than the existential factors.I hope this explanation helps, and thank you again for being reasonable in your criticism.


 Honestly, I would have to agree with Curiousss. Your description of them comes off as belittling and hurtful whether or not you intended to come off that way. I feel like there's a better and tactful way to underscore the frailty of the victims and to make the victimizer out as a scumbag.

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