Mark Oxner Releases New Ad; Alan Grayson Calls It "a Heaping Helping of Bonkers"; It Is

Hint: It doesn't mean anything.
Last time we saw Florida Republican congressional candidate Mark Oxner, he was on the U.S.S. Obamaboat turning Democratic opponent Alan Grayson into a parrot and Barack Obama into the captain of a slave ship. He promised to make more ads, and he delivered, this time with one that he claims will be airing on Spanish-language channels.

Oxner, running in Florida's District 9, has seized upon a statement Grayson once made that he was proud that Democracy for America named him a "progressive hero." If you ask the dictionary what "progressive" means, it'll tell you "making use of or interested in new ideas, findings, or opportunities." If you ask Teddy Roosevelt, it's people "who, with fervor and broad sympathy and imagination, stand for the forward movement."

If you ask Oxner, he'll tell you something like, "You know who was a progressive? Hitler."

Just watch the video:
While somebody could pull a hamstring trying to fact-check this stuff (and Oxner's accompanying statement, which goes into much more detail), the whole thing is based on a big, steaming logical fallacy: Oxner says that there isn't any specific progressive platform, so the only way to understand progressivism is to look at progressive "heroes and role models."

It then goes casually from role model to Margaret Sanger to Planned Parenthood to eugenics to, yes, the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei -- the Nazis. Oxner, who raised more than $1.1 million through the end of last year, managed to connect a Jewish Democrat to the Nazis.

"There is no way -- NO WAY -- that a crazy bigot like Mark Oxner belongs in Congress," Grayson wrote on his Facebook page. "That really is a heaping helping of bonkers. I didn't realize that you could buy that many tickets on the Crazy Train."

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Tom Ubl
Tom Ubl

Grayson was not a victim of the Dervium Ponzi.  If he was then why trust him with managing tax dollars?  Grayson failed to report contributions to the FEC until confronted.   Grayson has not returned one dime to the Federal Treasury even though he clalims to be the one man war on contractor fraud.  Custer Battles may be resolving now, but Grayson filed fraud suits and threw whistleblowers like myself under the bus only to gain personally and to develop a political platform that was built with straw.


Liberals, Progressives and Nazi all want the same thing.  More government and less freedom for adults to live their lives.  That is why the Democraps are love them, as the Democraps are a wholly owned local of the AFSCME.  The Democraps thinks that the rules and taxes will be enforced on and paid by somebody else, which is why they are fools. 

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