Herman Cain: Allen West Has a "Higher Calling" to Be Vice President (VIDEO)

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Businessman and onetime Republican tour bus occupant Herman Cain says unequivocally that he thinks Congressman Allen West should be the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Cain was on the Steve Gill Show yesterday when the radio host asked, "If Mitt calls you today and says, 'OK, Herman, who should I pick?' who would you recommend?"

"Col. Allen West out of Florida," Cain said. "He is well-spoken, he is direct, people in Florida love him, he has a huge following, he is from Florida. Florida is going to be one of those key states, but more importantly Col. Allen West is a dedicated patriot."

Somebody's excited.

"My advice to him if, he were to ask me, is you, you, you serve your country well, and now you have a higher calling," Cain added.

Talk of nominating Allen "You Attacked Us" West is slowly starting to work its way out of the tea party comment threads and into the media -- Sarah Palin has floated West's name twice, though her answers and half-answers are so convoluted, you can't be blamed for missing it. West, for his part, has said he's "willing and ready" to serve if asked.

But there's no indication that he has been, or will be, and the two people who have pushed his name so far are both... unemployed. Yes, his name's getting thrown around. But it's by a former governor who ditched her state and a pizza king who paid women to keep sexual-misconduct allegations quiet. Neither of them is elected to anything, and only one of them actually ran for something this cycle. Not the kind of thing you put on your LinkedIn.

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what is this "moderator approval" crap?  Is it because I had a link to a web page?


Really, Herman?  Keep calling West "Col" and a "patriot."  Last I heard, patriots don't call the president a "liar" and demand that he "leave south florida." 

You see, everyone whom backs West is a failed political figure; Palin, Cane... Anyone see a respected, relevant politician backing West?  Absolutely not --- Below is just one version of two events in West's military career.

Although I can't comment on whether I would do what he did, I can certainly confirm that his actions show poor leadership, poor decision making, inability to effectively communicate and his ability to violate Army regulations, the Geneva Convention and UN regulations without batting an eye.  Imagine what he would do with just a little more power. 

Everyone should take note that West is never photographed with any of his colleagues, he hasn't passed one piece of legislation and he likely will never get that chance.  You know why?  Because nobody wants to be associated with him and no congressman will co-sponsor a bill or support one with his name on it -- not that he's done anything anyway....



West ought to change that hairdo to start with.  He looks like a garbage man hanging off the back of a truck!

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

If Herman Cain believes that crackpot West should be a heartbeat away from the presidency, Mr. Cain is not qualified to operate a mobile weenie stand.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Well this shows just how out of touch Cain is, no one in this state loves the criminal West other than a handful of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists known as the tea baggers.  Anyone rational cant stand the moron.


Split that dumb butt black vote.

Shaquin Knutz
Shaquin Knutz

One day, they'll figure out that you're not going to be elected president just by picking the craziest asshole you can find as a running mate. Upon the pick of Allen West, it will not be that day.

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