Florida Named Porn-Viewing Capital of United States: Six of Florida's Googling Habits

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Florida loves to pass laws solidifying the state's solid traditional values -- there's the gay marriage ban we put into the state constitution in 2008, the law against sleeping with your roommate, the law against "unnatural" acts, the one completely outlawing commercial phone sex... the list goes on.

So, with such a thoroughly regulated state conscience, it may come as some surprise that, when Men's Health combined information including DVD sales, streaming media use, and online search habits, the magazine discovered Florida to be the number-one state for pornography consumption in the entire country.

When it's broken down to the city level, Orlando, the home of Disney, takes first place in the nation, according to their rubric, with Tampa following at number eight and Miami at number 12.

This got us thinking -- what are Floridians searching for that's so salacious? So we dug into the Google Trends information and found some pretty intriguing tidbits:

1. In nationwide searches for "porn," Florida ranks third, behind Texas and Mississippi.

2. In searches for "porn" in Florida, the southern end of the state has way more searches than the north -- the top seven cities, in order: Delray Beach, North Miami Beach, Homestead, Opa-locka, Lutz, Pembroke Pines, and Broward County.

3. Florida ranks eighth in the nation for Google searches for "gay sex," behind, get this: Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, Nevada, and Texas. In nationwide city rankings for Googling of "gay sex," Tampa is at number four, followed by Orlando at seven and Miami at eight.

4. Florida has three of the country's top eight cities for searches of "bestiality": Orlando at number two (Look out, Mickey), Miami at four, and Tampa at eight.

5. In Florida searches for "sex," the searchingest city is Manatee County's Anna Maria, a town of around 2,000 people. The race isn't even close:
via Google Trends
(as of 4/22/12)

6. Tampa ranks fifth in nationwide searches for "incest." Arlington, Texas, has first place by a considerable margin, followed by Herndon, Virginia; St. Louis, Missouri; and Richardson, Texas.

Clicking on any of the above links will take you to the Google Trends website; you can fiddle with it yourself if you're curious what cities and states share your taste in adult literature. And Anna Maria: We've got our eye on you.

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What Delray Beach in the house!!

Rebecca Fine
Rebecca Fine

Another example of conservative hypocrisy when it comes to marriage and sex - how typical of a party that allowed Newt Gingrich, a multiple adulterer, to run for President.  Many in Florida claim that gay marriage is wrong and yet here they are looking for porn in record numbers.  I hope the anti-gay marriage folks who are into porn are going to Confession to make amends!

Larry Arnold
Larry Arnold

OTOH the folks searching Google for"porn" haven't been looking for more than 90 seconds.


Got to be #1 at something.  At least it isn't terrorist attacks or tax rates.


So it specifically states that ONLY conservatives and gay-marriage haters are doing the searching?  Wow.  You are an omnipotent genius!!! Your ability to pull shit out of thin air and present it as gospel automatically qualifies you for Congress!!!

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