Bank Robber Drops Cash All Over I-75, FBI Asks for It Back, Nobody Gives It Back

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​The FBI announced a $5,000 reward yesterday for information leading to the arrest of a man they say robbed a Pembroke Pines Wells Fargo bank on March 29.

Police say the man fled on a dark-colored sport bike with the money stuffed in a black backpack. The backpack then opened on Interstate 75 and dumped an undisclosed amount of money into the shoulder, where people "were observed picking up the stolen money along the side of the road," according to a statement from Special Agent Michael Leverock.
On Friday, the FBI asked those who grabbed the money to return it. As of yesterday afternoon, however, not a single person had turned up with any money.

It's not clear how exactly the Broward Sheriff's Office came to develop this composite, as the robber was wearing a hat, a mask, and possibly face paint:
If you know anything about the robbery, authorities are asking you call the FBI at 305-944-9101 or Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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So did they catch the robber?  or was his schwinn faster than the cops??


rubber gloves and a face shield....  what no hoodie?

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

For sale.

$100 bills for $20 each... 

Brand new, except some are covered with pink paint and others marked with what looks like tire tracks.

PS Are those arc welder googles?

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