Allen West Blames Obama for Results of 2007 Housing Crash

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​Welcome to another post in our Allen West Fact Party series, in which we take claims made by the District 22 Republican and attempt to figure out whether they have a basis in reality. In case you were wondering, they usually don't.

President Obama came to South Florida on Tuesday, giving Congressman Allen West reason to publish an infographic bemoaning "the effects of Obamanomics," saying the president's failed economic policies have added trillions of dollars to the national deficit and caused Florida's 9.4 percent unemployment rate. We tackled those two assertions on Wednesday, but there are two more: It's Obama's fault that 1 in 7 Americans are on food stamps and that 1 in 4 homes are underwater.

Both accusations are hard to definitively evaluate because of the recession that Obama inherited, but let's give it a shot anyway.

3. Obamanomics caused 1 in 7 Americans to be on food stamps.
Well, there are around 312 million people in the U.S., and as of January 2010, there were about 46.5 million people on food stamps, according to the Department of Agriculture. That's around 1 in 6.7 Americans. He's got the fraction pretty much right.

But is it Obama's fault or just the recession?

Policy changes by the Bush White House both encouraged eligible citizens to apply and increased the number of people eligible, according to Politifact, so if it's not Bush's fault, he was at least helping. Data shows that the number of food-stamp recipients has increased every year since 2000, and the raw number increased by about 11 million people during Bush's presidency.

During Obama's, by contrast, about 16.5 million people have been added to the rolls. The easiest way to compare these ratios to the population:

Imagine the United States has a population of 100 people. When Bush took office, about six of them were on food stamps. When he left office, about 9.3 of them were.

Now that Obama's in the Big Chair, about 15 out of the 100 are in the program.

So yes, a huge number of people have joined the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program under Obama. But a lot of them were already there, and the recession has played no small part in getting them all that company.

West doesn't provide any evidence that it's "Obamanomics" that's responsible, because there isn't any. But the numbers are true, even if it's just a bum economy. This is the closest one to the truth that West's got.

4. Obamanomics has resulted in 1 in 4 homes being underwater.
This one works only if your calendar is broken.

The most recent housing data from CoreLogic showed that 11.1 million homes were underwater -- homes in which the owner owed more on the mortgage than the property was worth.

According to census data, there are about 132 million housing units in the U.S. That fraction would be a little larger than 1 in 12. If you count only homes with mortgages on them, then yes, it goes up to about 23.1 percent -- which is not a good number.

But is it Obamanomics that done it? That's a hard one to prove, especially when you look at this housing market graph:
That red line is the Case-Shiller home price index during Bush's second term. It indexes prices in the residential housing market, and, even if you don't get exactly what it's saying, it's clear that the housing market fell apart before Obama was even the Democratic presidential nominee.

When house prices go down, the number of underwater mortgages goes up. So when the housing market crashes under George Bush, is it fair to blame Obama for not fixing it in one term?

How much blame Bush deserves isn't relevant -- but to blame Obama for the long-lasting results of a housing crisis that happened before he was elected seems a lot like sending your kid to summer camp with lupus and getting mad when he comes back missing some toes.

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Rep. Allen West is as toxic as the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India. I don’t know what kind of mental deficients voted this maniac into office but they need help. Like the Dow chemical poisons that are STILL killing children in India, West spreads his infectious hate speech and tilted propaganda.  Like some right-wing nutcase straight out of the 50’s McCarthy Era, West is pointing fingers placing the Communist label on his fellow Americans.

This very ignorant man doesn’t even realize the Republican Party he belongs to had a huge role in selling out the American worker to the Communist Chinese just so a bunch of silver spoon trust fund babies could make more money from Asian slave labor and easy toxic waste dumping. West pays no mind to reports that the Chinese government has been working against the American dollar since the start of the War in Iraq in  2003. (See Keiser Report on the news network RT, April 13/14, 2012)

West takes pleasure in his taunting Progressives hoping they say thing like he resembles a piece of s*** with a MC Hammer haircut. (lol) But I’m going to stick to the facts. I am somebody who fights against right wing nutcases


Not the Barak.  But yes to the Congresscraps.  And most of those assholes are still sucking on the Federal tit at our expense.


The best one is when he said that there are 92 people in Congress that are members of the Communist Party. Of course when asked for their names, then he waffled.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

The criminal West is going out of his way to be a buffoon of late.  I think he and Bachmann should get together and form a band.  They would be really popular with the tin hat crowd.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Commies not a big deal. Hell, I know at least 250 Republicans who are Nazis and a few more who failed the Wunderlic intelligence test for party membership.

A Professional Service
A Professional Service

Peter, West is not only a buffoon of a special kind but a complete certified idiot!  He is a disgrace to the country he served and uniform he wore.  Here's hoping the Floridians who put is butt in office will take him out the next time around.


How low does your I.Q. have to be for admittance to membership ?

Mariana Q.
Mariana Q.

LOL...hahahhahahahhaa...Snaproll, you are an idiot.

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