Allen West Spent Almost a Million Dollars on Mail This Year

West's new Facebook profile picture.
Yesterday, we brought you the details of Allen West's 2012 campaign contributions -- how he's pulled in more than $1.8 million between January and the end of March, with more than half of contributions from donors giving over $200 coming from outside the state.

He has $3,334,632 left in his war chest after spending more than $1.2 million in that same time frame.

And, for another quarter, a large chunk of that cash -- 78 percent this time -- was spent on supporting that glaring example of American socialism, the United States Post Office.

West spent $123,000 on stamps over the past three months and more than $750,000 on direct-mail services, according to the documents. His biggest line-item expense was $207,758.61, paid to a Georgia-based company called Capitol Hill Lists to rent a mailing list that must have been quite long.

Other interesting campaign costs: 
--$153.63 on his entry fees for the Fort Lauderdale Half-Marathon and a February 10k race at Florida Atlantic University.

--$1,653.50 for flights and lodging to fundraisers in Nebraska and Minneapolis. The guy gets around.

--$1,800 for "media monitoring service," sent to Connecticut-based company TVEyes, which bills itself "the leading search engine for TV & radio." The New York Times' Brian Stelter described the services as "a virtual DVR for every channel, every city, at every hour of the day."

Notably missing so far? Any mention of TV production or airtime. He did spend $12,115 for radio ads that ran between March 26 and April 8, but the rest of his outreach was either of the online or paper variety.

Here are the rest of his expenses:

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FL Dem Ninja
FL Dem Ninja

So nice of him to pay all these out of state companies for services.  I guess when you raise most of your money out of state it doesn't matter that you don't spend it in state and contribute to the local economy. 


Thanks for the heads up,  I have a direct mail company and will stop in to his Boca office, maybe I will get some of those dollars!


Zzzzz, Exactly what is this a crime? we like the guy so we give him money.I doubt you cared that Wexler Lived OUT Of State

Prof. G
Prof. G

Criminal West doesn't know anything about economics or capitalism. He has spent his entire adult life in the U.S. military, which is the purest form of socialism you can find. It's not only cradle to grave socialism, it's pre-cradle to post-grave -- from the time a soldier's wife gets pregnant until well after a veteran dies, the government provides a check for everything. Fine by me, but why can't those citizens who don't sign up to be trained as professional killers get some government assistance? Makes no sense.

FL Dem Ninja
FL Dem Ninja

You must be sad they will no longer be serving pink slime at your favorite restaurant anymore.  Guess eating that for you is kind of like cannibalism anywho.

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