PBSO Conducts West Palm Trailer Park Prostitution Sting, Releases Price List

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​The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrested 17 people Thursday in "an enforcement operation targeting street level prostitution" in the Plantation Mobile Home Park in West Palm Beach, according to a news release.

The release also included a dissemination log of the arrests, but the spreadsheet was spelled "dissemenation log," which, believe it or not, is only the second-most amusing part of the documentation: Police also included what appears to be documentation of what each suspect allegedly wanted and how much they were going to pay.

The entry for 23-year-old Divendre Hernandez, for example, says "5.00 B.J.," which seems like (sorry) a low-ball offer. Ditto Seneus Mackenson's "20.00 Sex X 2." Twice? How long was he planning on being there?

That offer was allegedly doubled by 32-year-old Rasheem Gordon, who police say was arrested after trying to get the ol' "20.00 Sex" -- while riding his bicycle. He'll probably have an easier time explaining his arrest than 26-year-old Devanand Singh, who got his sister's car towed after allegedly offering $20 for a blowjob.

The most popular offer was $20, though high-rolling 43-year-old Christopher Schwendanmann allegedly offered $75 for "Everything."

For a little context, travel site WhyGo Amsterdam reports that the average cost of a session in the Dutch capital's red-light district will set you back, with dollar-euro conversions, about $66.

Here's the rest of the log, if you're interested:

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Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Sounds like times are really tough, even for the crack hos.


Ummmmm. either I am going blind, ( no not from that ) or  the price list is unreadable.

$ 5.00 seems a little pricey for a huffer from an illegal Mexican, considering the risk of some STD.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

That's how the list was sent out; if you zoom in you can read it all just fine. Either that or you're going blind.

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