No, Rick Scott Was Not in Aspen for a Secret Koch Brothers Retreat This Weekend

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Hangin' in Tallahassee
The Daily Kos' David Waldman is tweeting up a storm about major GOP donors (and someone on Rick Perry's "favorite plane") having a secret meeting at the Koch brothers' Aspen compound this weekend, and Gov. Rick Scott has taken his first three-day weekend since last September. After the "maybe he went, maybe he didn't" ambiguity of last summer's Koch retreat (yes, he went), I was expecting not to hear back when I called the governor's office.

But a spokeswoman called immediately. "No, he did not attend the meeting," she said. "He was in Florida all weekend."

Well, that settles that. Waldman has been tweeting the FAA flight data of planes associated with prominent Republicans who flew into Aspen-Pitkin County Airport this weekend, presumably for a meeting with the highly influential energy billionaires. The flight records of Scott's plane aren't available because they've been removed from public disclosure by request.

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so now you know why he sold the governor's jet and uses his own.

David Kearns
David Kearns

Wow what a relief he "wasn't there" and we know this because he told us so. And he great part about essentially breaking the law and selling our state aircraft is he can use his own planes to go wherever he wants with no one the wiser. As we know we can pretty much believe anything Rick Scott's spokespeople tell us because they have been so honest and straightforward with us before, unless you count the dozens and dozens of times where they haven't been.


Hey, Moron!  He wasn't there (in Aspen).  He was here in Naples.  My Wife & I saw him on 5th Ave Saturday and @ Church on Sunday...Now what?


Then why did he request that his jet information was removed....if he wasn't there, then he sent someone in his place in his jet.


My Dad doesn't like to be hounded by reporters as to where he & my Mom are...especially when he comes here to visit my Husband, son and me.

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