Patrick Davis, Man With "Super Strength," Fights BSO Deputy; Two Old Guys Help Take Him Down (VIDEO)

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What you look like after getting taken down by an elderly homeless tag-team of justice. And a bunch of cops.
​Broward Sheriff's Office Deputy Kevin Meyer arrived at a Pompano Beach McDonald's this morning in response to a report that a man had tried to steal a backpack. The suspect, 29-year-old Patrick Davis of North Lauderdale, had for some reason decided to stick around and was just standing near the registers holding a metal rod when Meyer walked in.

Meyer moved to arrest Davis and got him onto the ground before Davis reacted with what Meyer called "super strength" and broke free, giving Meyer a king-hell body slam and putting up a pretty good fight before Meyer began to turn the tide.

Then two white-haired homeless men got involved.
Peter Finch and Jose Ramos, who police say stay at a nearby homeless shelter, were in the restaurant and stepped in to help. Davis was eventually handcuffed by numerous officers and taken outside to a patrol car, where police say he kicked out a window and tried to escape again.

He's now being held in jail without bond on charges of battery on a law enforcement officer, obstruction with violence, criminal mischief, depriving an officer of means of communication (for knocking the deputy's radio off), attempted escape, and robbery with a weapon, plus two older cocaine charges.

Not bad for two guys who, if they were in Fort Lauderdale, would be the target of $26,000 worth of signs saying not to toss them any change.

You can see the whole thing go down on this McDonald's surveillance footage. Finch is the one grabbing Davis' feet, and Ramos is helping to hold him down. Police said they did not know the ages of the two men.

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