Occupy Palm Beach Evicted, Again (PHOTOS)

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Monica McGivern
A Guy Fawkes mask hangs on the tent of a Palm Beach Occupier.
Yesterday morning, we reported about the impending eviction notice to Palm Beach Occupiers. Visibly dwarfed in size since the camp's last showdown, the remaining members were served their official order to leave by West Palm Beach police at 10 a.m.

Curious businessmen in suits watched from the sidewalk as police monitored the situation. The chief who served the notice stated he had a particular time in mind for the property to be clear, but officially a "reasonable amount of time" would be offered before additional measures would be taken.

Monica McGivern
A peaceful confrontation at the corner of Banyan and Olive in downtown West Palm Beach.
Upon entering the camp, one noticed the "kitchen" already partly disassembled. Media were allowed in but were asked not to take photos of the kitchen to avoid sending any message of disarray.

When asked about plans moving forward, we heard discussions of individual plans as well as a collective plan to donate all of the remaining canned goods to a nearby homeless shelter.
Monica McGivern
Letters were posted to each of the remaining tents, citing official reasons for the eviction, including a lack of compliance with the city's original terms. Activities such as cooking were deemed in violation of numerous safety regulations, resulting in the eviction from the property.

Would it be correct to assume that this is the last stand of the Occupiers?

A camp member standing next to us smiled and said confidently, "We'll pop up again somewhere."

Monica McGivern
Occupiers donating their own donations.
Monica McGivern
Moving out.
Monica McGivern
This flag of corporate entities served as a reminder of what Occupiers are angry about.
Monica McGivern
From the Occupy library.
Monica McGivern
The 99 percent party.

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The scum got skimmed.  Aren't these clowns subject to the pollution laws like any other person?


Love that corporate flag.  Ain't it the truth?

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