Mug-Shot Friday: Fireworks, Kool-Aid, and a Seduction

Categories: Broward News
Welcome to this week's post of the Broward-Palm Beach edition of Mug-Shot Friday, a longstanding franchise focusing on the week's most eye-catching mug shots from South Florida's tat heads, tough guys, and femmes fatale. Check out Miami New Times' Riptide blog for the Miami-Dade edition.

​Arrested: 3/13
Hobbies: Haircuts, tooth-shining, and seducing the ladies during mug shots. And when you catch a glance from Travis here, you start looking like...

​Arrested: 3/13
THIS LADY. There's no mistaking this face; it's the same one I make when I notice somebody taking a peeky-peek at my facey-face.

Arrested: 3/12
Whoa, man. No need for the 'tude. Just getting your picture taken; don't have to be acting like the camera guy was the one accused of burglarizing an unoccupied dwelling.

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