Surgeon on Fatal Strax Rejuvenation Operation Had Medical License Suspended

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​The surgeon who performed a fat transfer procedure that proved fatal for a 50-year-old Hollywood woman last week has repeatedly had his medical license suspended.

Records show that Dr. John Nees' disciplinary troubles date back to 2002, when he was working in the Pacific Northwest. The Washington Board of Medicine ruled that he could only practice medicine in a group setting because of "unethical conduct which included sexual relationships with a patient and altering records for two patients," according to a complaint later filed by the Florida Department of Health.

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In 2003, Florida suspended Nees' license for reasons not specified in the public record. Yet he continued performing at least 16 surgeries. The following year, he was slapped with a $10,000 fine and had his license suspended again because of the violation. The Florida Board of Medicine ordered his license to remain suspended until Nees' "personality disorder is under control and...he is capable of practicing medicine with appropriate skill and safety."

While subject to this suspension in 2005, Nees called in a prescription in Washington state for himself and a family member. The Washington Board of Medicine suspended his license for 120 days and Florida fined him $2,000.

In 2007, Nees was doing a facelift on a patient at the Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute when he allegedly cut off a piece of her left ear. The Florida Department of Health filed an administrative complaint against Nees for this incident in December 2011.No ruling on the complaint has been publicly filed.

Nees was in surgery today and unavailable for comment when the Pulp contacted Strax.

Last year, Strax co-owner Phil Feanny told New Times that Nees' disciplinary record "doesn't have anything to do with his surgical acumen."

On March 22, Nees was performing a liposuction and fat transfer procedure on 50-year-old Idell Frazer when she went into cardiac arrest. Frazer was transferred to Florida Medical Center, where she died.

Strax' attorney, Peter Mineo Jr., says Frazer died of a fat embolism, a rare and untreatable complication from the surgery. "Strax has been informed that the Medical Examiner has ruled the patient's cause of death was an adipose tissue embolism and that there was no fault on the part of the patient's surgeon or Strax," Mineo said in a written statement.

James Haliczer, an attorney for Frazer's family, says he has not yet seen the medical examiner's report on her death.

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Do research on Strax Doctors and you will find most of them should not be operating on anyone! I have personal experiance with them. Their Meat Market Botched doctors should be out of buisness for the horrible things they do to people. Yet they are killing people and are still taking in patients by the droves! My mother had surgery there and is disfigured for life. She had a breast lift with implants that went horribly wrong and the "doctor" wouldn't even be honest and tell her what was happening when he knew she was going to lose her nipple. It has been several months and she is still recovering from the surgery. The end result is she lost her nipple with a 2 inch open gap where incisions were made and is still fighting an infection (Cleveland Clinic and an Open Wound Care Center said that most likely the implant was contaminated when it was put in her). After being to countless doctors to try and get help, (for those of you who don't know: if something goes wrong with cosmetic surgery, other surgeons will not touch you! They ALL say "You need to go back to the doctor that did the surgery and work with them". What if that doctor is killing people?? My mother has been put under anestesia 5 times to clean out the wound (no longer a breast) to rid of dead tissue and infection. And it's still not over for her. Once she is healed she will have to have a tattoo where her nipple once was and if chooses to have implants put back in. She just wanted to look pretty and feel good about herself. Now she can't even look down at her breast without crying. She is scarred for life. PLEASE RESEARCH STRAX SURGEONS before you let them touch you!!!!


Well, it all comes to: ck doctors history, din't use him again!

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