Florida Man Sues "Barack Hussein Obama," Citing Six Constitutional Amendments and Magna Carta, for Condemning His Property

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We're not usually in the business of passing on meandering, typewritten pro-se lawsuits filed in federal court, but this one contains such impassioned language and has obviously annoyed a judge so much that we're presenting it for your perusal.

George May, who says he owned land in the "East Everglades" underneath which Shell Oil Co. discovered "huge pools of oil" that were "worth over $10 billion dollars in reserves," appears to be pissed that his land was condemned at one point.

Or, as Judge Rosemary Collyer put it, "while the Complaint is garbled and difficult to follow, it seem[s] to hinge on an allegation that the defendants condemned Mr. May's property in Florida without due process or compensation."

An excerpt:

The defendant's with knowledge, evil purpose, malice of aforethought, then called their Criminal, Traitor, Treason, Stalking, Terrorist Enterprise "ACCELER 8," which included paying off, bribing Judges, Appraisers, of Oil, Gas, Minerals, Limestone, Attorney's representing private property owners, to seize their property without "DUE PROCESS..."

The plaintiff goes on to say something about sheet-flow flooding in a hurricane that would comprise a "WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION that will wipe out Miami, the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant when a Hurricane comes, and pollute the Evrglades [sic], the National Park with pesticides, oil, gas, Cow Shit."

May, a Palm Beach Gardens resident, filed the suit in the District of Columbia, but Judge Collyer ordered it reassigned to the Southern District of Florida. May called for her recusal, saying that she was "automatically disqualified" from the case because "Rosemary M. Collyer here was appointed by George W. Bush, owes favors, allegance [sic] to George W. Bush and is aiding abetting George W. Bush, Barack H. Obama in their Criminal Acts."

The suit is filed under a whole bunch of different acts and clauses including six amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the Civil Rights Act, the Bill of Rights, and the "Magna Charta" [sic].

May describes defendant Barack Hussein Obama as "a Citizen of the United States, domiciled in Chicago, Illinois."

Well, at least he admits he's a citizen.

Despite what the judge calls "confused, vague, and unintelligible allegations," the case has not been thrown out.

George May Lawsuit
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This man's land was condemned because oil was discovered on it that the govt. wanted to sell to Shell.

The press and the public should be rallying to his defense.

But the lapdog media, a shill for the left, holds this poor citizen up to ridicule.

IMHO, anyone who votes for Obama risks bringing the curse of God upon himself.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Wow, they want to blame President Obama for everything.  And I am sure our President is quaking in his books because of THIS guy.  Wonder if he realizes that Obama has a great many more important things to worry about then some loonie out in the swamp?


Acceler-8 was an Everglades restoration land purchase program started by -- no, not Obama -- then-Gov. Jeb Bush.


  I've never heard anything as stupid & incorrect in all my life. I agree he probably lost his land because oil was found there, but to assign guilt to the left or should I say Democratic thinking people is ludacrist & as far as being a shill, Billionaire conservatives are the ones actually controling the media now aday's print & visual!


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