Riviera Beach Strip Club Advertising to Hire High Schoolers

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Attention, high schoolers: Your days of toiling away for minimum wage are over. Emperors Gentlemen's Club (& Steak House) is looking to give you a much higher-paying gig. So throw away that ice cream scooper and pick up some clear, platform heels, because a strip club wants you.

The Riviera Beach strip club on Resource Road (former site of Goldfinger's, which closed after a drive-by) has a recruiting sign out front -- "NOW HIRING CLASS OF 2012."

To be fair, once I finally got hold of someone over there, he said the sign was "more or less a joke," but he did say the club was still hiring, and you simply "come in and apply in person." Their website (careful, there are butts) says that there are "guaranteed funds available for day & night shift for all qualified entertainers" and that the club is also offering hotel accommodations for applicants. Doesn't sound so bad for a place whose answering machine calls it "world famous" with "101 international showgirls."
via Reddit user MMMpatient
For God's sake, just work at Target.

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The Palm Beach educrats could offer targeted industrial education classes:1.   Pole dancing -  Special emphasis on G-string tip collection while not kicking over customer drinks.  Shaving your ass.  Dancing while high.  The proper way to ask, 'Wanna Dance?'  How to earn extra cash after work dancing the horizontal mambo.2.  Waitressing - Serving watered drinks.  Emphasis on standing plaintively in aisle to increase tips.  How to case a customer to get more tips.3.  Bouncing - Discerning between drunks with money and the poor who need tossing.  Extracting tips from dancers.  Looking menacing while lounging around.4.  Crapper attendant - Looking attentive while smelling farts.  Arranging potions and lotions to increase tip generation.  When to offer a towel to a man taking a leak.5.  DJing - How to spout mindless chatter.  New ways to whine that strippers need tips.  Extracting more tips from dancers.  Sorting the dancers who will provide extra benefits from the intelligent ones.  


In a related story the Palm Beach County School District cited increasing employment opportunities for its students. 


In Riviera Beach, most of the graduation class is well qualified to take off their clothes, serve beer and wear a wire in their ears while looking menacing.  They aren't able to do much else.


I know u have to be a red neck to make a statement like that.


U stupid uk y would u say that be inspired to help someone not tear them down

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