Edwin Walker Jumps Through Broward Boulevard Burger King Drive-Through Window; Employees Take Him Out (VIDEO)

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Rich Abdill
The alleged robbery plays on a television at the Burger King Tuesday afternoon.
​​Tanya Calvin was just trying to do her job yesterday, serving breakfast out of the Burger King takeout window at 666 W. Broward Blvd. A guy pulled up, she took his money, and then 31-year-old Edwin Walker came jumping in through the window like a cat burglar with a balance problem.

"I cashed him out, and all I see is a guy coming through the window," Calvin said. She grabbed him and kept him from going back out the window with the cash until another employee could hold Walker down.

The whole thing happened about 6:30 Monday morning; police say Walker jumped off the customer's hood when he saw Calvin open the window. Walker has been charged with strong-arm robbery, but if anyone has any more information, Fort Lauderdale Police ask that they call Det. Allen Diamond at 954-828-5539.

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I'd be so pissed off if I was the car waiting for my order.


His welfare, democrat mommie is so proud of him and he was framed by the dirty po po and big corporation lackeys.


 grow up moron.   this guy trying to rob a BK doesn't mean big corporations are acting as they should.

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