BSO Sergeant Accused of Falsifying Records Is a Teacher at FAU, ITT Tech

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​A Broward Sheriff's Office internal affairs investigator who admitted to lying in a report earlier this year is teaching criminal justice classes at the ITT Technical Institute in Fort Lauderdale, according to documents just released.

Sgt. Mary Guess, who has worked in BSO internal affairs for 14 years, is being investigated by both the Broward State Attorney's office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for authoring a report that led to the firing of Lt. James Murray, according to the South Florida Times.

She's also listed in BSO documents as an employee of both ITT Tech and Florida Atlantic University.
Guess is included in ITT Tech's 2012 course catalog as an adjunct instructor. She's also listed as an employee of Florida Atlantic University -- the FAU website lists a "Mary Guess" as "adjunct faculty" but says she isn't currently teaching any courses.

South Florida Times report from last month outlines Guess's (alleged) transgressions:
Guess wrote her July 2009 report... [and] included a claim that Murray downloaded "sexually explicit" material from "adult" websites. Based on the findings, BSO suspended Murray in October 2009 and fired him in January 2010...
During the arbitration hearing, Guess admitted Murray did not visit any pornographic sites. On cross examination, she admitted including unsubstantiated rumors in the report, even though a witness to whom they were attributed provided to her a statement saying they were untrue.
Guess also refers several times in her report to "wiping," which is the erasing of material from a computer's hard drive. However, a BSO computer technician testified at the hearing that Murray's  computer had not been wiped.
She also admitted in court to including rumors that she'd "heard... from several of her superiors" and that some of the "adult" photographic evidence of Murray was taken at sheriff's office picnics.

And now she's teaching other people how to be police officers.

Guess is included on a list of BSO employees who have taken second jobs posted by the Sun-Sentinel yesterday. Another BSO employee on the list is also under investigation: community service aide Veronica Landsmann, who works at J.C. Penney, is "currently the subject of an investigation regarding allegations of Theft/False Records," according to a report released to the Broward Bulldog earlier this year by the state attorney.

I've contacted the State's Attorney's Office for updates on the cases; a call to ITT Tech for comment hasn't yet been returned.

Note: This post originally included a section, now removed, about online commenters to the Sun-Sentinel post.

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The majority on the list are fire fighters and Corrections deputies. Fire fighters work a 24 hour shift, then have two days off. Most have side jobs.

R. D. M.
R. D. M.

how did this woman get into Internal Affairs? it's not like she became a liar overnight.


It's clear Mary Guess can't be fired at the moment, or she would have been fired.  Read between the Lamberti lines, folks.  Not too hard to figure out. You can guess everything's on hold regarding "announcements"  until after August 14th. 


this btch needs to fired  now not later..she is a liar


Publishing personal info on law enforcement officers put them at risk, it allows someone with a grudge to find them easily. Unethical.And, that list is far from complete.


How is it that Mary Guess is still working at the BSO when she has been charged with committing a despicable crime?   She has been arrested for it, and yet she's still on the BSO payroll.  I think it's time to get rid of Lamberti and the entire command staff that has proved to be corrupt, dysfunctional, reponsible for $$$$$ in taxpayer money  being spent  for attorneys to mitigate their  wayward activities.  A command staff that requires additional dollars being spent to pay the Feds, and to pay the State Attorneys Office...investigations, corruption, a sheriff who won't speak about the serious cover-ups that have been reported in the media and in the book, Inside the Broward Sheriff's Office.   

 If I were Bob Norman, I would demand Al Lamberti sit down one-on-one and speak about all of this.  Who is going to make this agency accountable?  They won't do it themselves, no higher authority is stepping in (not yet anyway)  to give explanations to the disgruntled taxpayers, and the media gives Lamberti a pass on discussing the issues.  It's time for a protest by the people, I'd say. 

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