Bill Clinton Coming to Broward Center Next Week

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Ralph Alswang/Clinton Foundation
Impeached by the House, still left office with a 68 percent approval rating.
Former President Bill Clinton is taking his "Embracing Our Common Humanity" tour to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts next Tuesday, where he will "explore the challenges of globalization, our growing interdependence and ways toward a common future based on shared goals and values," according to a release.

Tickets are available from the center's website; most are between $50 and $175, but a front-row seat in the splash zone will set you back 500 smackers.

A spokesperson said Clinton tailors his speeches to each audience (and no one's suggesting the guy can't improvise), but the "Embracing Our Common Humanity" theme looks to be a Clinton favorite -- he's been using the title for at least five years.

In addition to his myriad international efforts in health, economic development, climate change, and, in the U.S., childhood obesity, Clinton makes millions of dollars a year on the speaking circuit -- almost $11 million in 2010, according to CNN. For some hints at what he might be talking about, YouTube has clips of a 2009 talk with the same title and an excerpt from his speech at the National Retail Federation's 2012 conference.

If you don't trust the interwebs with your credit card information, you can also order them from the center by phone at 954-462-0222.

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