Barry "Bear" Silverman Is a Fake Navy SEAL, Says Lawyer Representing Real Navy SEAL

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Assuming you, like most of our dear readers, are a lily-livered sissy who has never made it through a "Hell Night" or advanced Navy SEAL training, here are a couple of things you may not know.

1. There are former Navy SEALs who teach classes on how to be like a Navy SEAL, like this guy:

2. There are other people who are not Navy SEALs who offer similar training, which severely pisses off the real SEALs like that guy.

The man in the video, Don Shipley, runs a business called Extreme SEAL Experience in Virginia and the Tampa Bay area. Now, the Tampa Tribune reports, Tampa attorney Gene Odom has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Shipley, claiming that people who pretend to be former SEALs are hurting the business and using the SEAL logo, a trident, without permission.

The target of the lawsuit is Barry "Bear" Silverman and his Broward County business, Tactical Deterrence. The suit claims that attendance at Shipley's hard-core training camps has decreased since people like Silverman, who is not listed in military records as having completed SEAL training, set up shop.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to hear a challenge to the Stolen Valor Act, which makes it illegal for someone to "falsely represent himself or herself" as a decorated soldier, according to the Tribune.

Odom is seeking "a multi-million punitive damages award from a jury."

There's not much of a web presence for Tactical Deterrence, though we'd like to speak with Silverman to find out about this extreme brand of training and learn more about how the two competing courses differ. The Florida Division of Corporations does not list a company by that name owned by Silverman. The website lists Silverman as a "phony" and says his website is, which currently leads to an empty redirect page. It says he is "known to wear SEAL trident" and provides the photo at right.

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a. Don Shipley pays his bills by "outing" fake Seals. 
b.  Don Shipley accused of encouraging fakes so he can make more money.  

Evidence in case Don Shipley v. Bill Brockbrader
Don Shipley "
...hypocrisy that I would expect out of an individual who 'duth protest too much' in his ongoing quest to out fake SEAL's.
Maybe it is better explained that Don Shipley has some pathological itch in his brain that knows that he, Don Shipley does more to encourage fake SEALs than anyone."

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The lawsuit alleges that attendance at training camps Shipley core has decreased since the people as a witch, that is not listed in military records, having completed seal training, shopping.


Hahaha no shit. I ticketed his car when he came to FIU, wouldn't forget that douchebag

Wads worth
Wads worth

There is a lawyer named Wadsworth who falsely claimed he was a Seal


Medals are like hemorrhoids, sooner or later every asshole has one.


@Wads worth  Are you saying Wadsworth was not a Navy SEAL? You are mistaken. Wadsworth is recorded as having served in the SEALs. You are either misinformed, or envious of Wadsworth who is a very successful attorney with women lined up to tend to all of his needs ;) Not only did he serve in the Navy SEAL, he is one of the most handsome men this Persian Princess has ever seen.  God bless his parents for birthing such a magnificent creature to grace our planet. 

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