Allen West Says "Community Organizer" Barack Obama Should Stop Bragging About Killing Bin Laden

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​Congressman Allen West used Facebook on Friday to criticize President Barack Obama's attempts to "seem tough," telling Obama he should "stop with the Osama Bin Laden line" because "US Navy SEALS double-tapped that rascal."

One would think West would be more enthusiastic about a commander in chief's unwavering orders to ramp up intelligence efforts, missile strikes, and drone use before a unilateral mission into an allied country with the express purpose of shooting terrorists in the face.

The statement also raises the question of what commanders can take credit for (The Normany landings? Please, Eisenhower wasn't in those landing craft!). Curious logic from the guy who called himself a "modern-day Harriet Tubman" even though he's never gotten a single piece of legislation passed.

That's right -- the congressman who couldn't even muster enough support to pass a bill congratulating Palm Beach on its 100-year anniversary is going around telling people who can take credit for what.

The rest of the Facebook message looks to be a response to an interview Obama did with the Atlantic in which the president expressed his willingness to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. Obama is set to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today to discuss the issue.

"PM Netanyahu understands his neighborhood," West wrote, "and we should defer to a former Israeli Commando on matters such as this instead of a community organizer."

West doesn't return our calls, and bin Laden could not be reached for comment because he's at the bottom of the ocean.

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This Black man is self hating. He hate his mother and father, whom are black. He has stated he hate that God made him black.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Allen West could never be a community organizer because he has never lived in a community. He has lived all his adult life in the totally socialist cocoon of the U.S. military, where no one has freedom of choice and orders come from the top down. West knows how to give orders and carry out orders, but he does not know how to think as a civilian, and he surely does not belong in any position in which he can make rules governing civilians.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

The criminal West is just all pissy since it was not him or any of his guys who managed to get Bin Lauden.  Bush jr couldn't do it in eight years, and I say eight because he was warned about him thanks to Clinton, and President Obama did it in two.  Criminal West just has success envy, amongst other envies.  Hence the Hummer he was complaining about the other week.


Does the law of sedition apply to this SOB? 


The ONLY reason Bin Laden is dead is that it was the politically least offensive action Barak could take.

If Bin Laden had been arrested, then there would have had to be a trial in an election year with much posturing and grief for Barak.

If Bin Laden had been seized and aggressively interrogated, then American military lives would have been saved, but Barak would have to permitted questions to be asked in a nasty way without plaintiff shysters being present.  That would have exposed Barak to comments that he was a hypocrite.

If Barak had dithered, then that would have come out, as too many people knew.

Killing Bin Laden was Barak's best political option.  Capturing and torturing information out of Bin Ladin was the best option for the interests of America.

Barak is a fool and a weasel.  


 His issues go way beyond "self-hating." This man shows evidence of sociopathy, in that, he makes his own truths.


 I didn't know the president had such an insufferable idiot as a friend. You are a friend right, since you're on a first name basis with him, referring to him as "Barack." Didn't like Bush II at all, but he was the president and I referred to that dummy as, President Bush.

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