Allen West Votes to Let Potential Employers Root Around in Your Facebook

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​There's been all manner of hullaballoo the past week or so about reports that an increasing number of employers have been asking job applicants to hand over their social media log-in information as part of the job application process -- if you want the job, you have to show them what you're up to on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Many have pointed out that the policy has the potential to reveal things like an applicant's marital status, sexual orientation, religion, race, and age -- all things that are illegal to actually ask about during the hiring process.

Yesterday, Democratic lawmakers in the House proposed tweaking a bill about FCC procedures to help protect people from being forced to do that -- and it was immediately shot down.

Only one Republican voted for it, and it wasn't the freedom crusader from Broward.

Despite his repeated insistence that government needs to stay out of citizens' business, Congressman Allen West voted against the measure even though, according to the Associated Press, it's government agencies that most frequently pry into job applicants' social media accounts.

He opposed SOPA ("Sorry Mr. President, this is a democracy"), but not this? We won't know his reasoning for it unless he posts something to his Facebook account, which, it's worth noting, he never had to let a boss log into.

So the next time you're applying for a job and the interviewers make you get on Facebook, scroll through your pictures, and show them your wall posts, keep in mind -- the Republicans said it was OK. And that includes West -- who, for all the praise he gets for being a maverick who isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in, votes along the Republican Party line 93 percent of the time.

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Get active. He MUST lose in 2012.

Voters in the 18th Congressional district, START GETTING REGISTERED *NOW*

Start getting friends, family, neighbors registered *NOW*

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


To be fair.  That other 7% was "no show votes".  He was out putting $70 worth of gas in his Hummer he'd used up searching for a $70 hummer.


This is a surprising stance from West.  Last year, I saw an article regarding West's daugther's FB account.  West's daugther had a post that was something like "tell those fags to take off that stupid swag..." or something like that.  It was an obvious homophobic slur on a teenagers page...

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Wonder how long until the criminal Wests minions figure out that he is not out there for him?  He would prefer to have a camera on every one of us 24 hours a day, just to make sure we do not do as he does.

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