Study Finds Just Thinking About Alcohol Can Make You More Racist

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​​Everybody's trying to ride the Trayvon Martin case's publicity coattails -- politicians are making statements about it left and right, a column in the Huffington Post tried to connect an FAU student's freakout to racial anger, and now, the University of Missouri is trying to tie a psychology study to the situation.

The release sent out today says that "many are questioning the psychological motivations of everyone involved" in the Martin case, then explains the way that shooter George Zimmerman could have been drunk -- on imagery.

"Simply seeing images of alcohol, but not drinking it, influences behaviors like racial bias on a subconscious level," researcher Bruce Bartholow said in the release. "Walking by a bar or seeing an ad for beer could be enough to affect someone's mindset. You don't have to be aware of the effects for it to affect you."

Bartholow's research has already shown that drinking "can lead to increased expression of racial bias." But the new study, done with Florida Gulf Coast University researcher Elena Stepanova, shows that just seeing "alcohol-related images" will do the same thing.

Yup. Even a picture of booze can make you more racist. Now, the real question -- does George "These Assholes, They Always Get Away" Zimmerman have a Heineken billboard on his front lawn?

As for the experiment, it doesn't look like it has anything to do with the specific events of the Martin case -- participants, after being shown pictures of white and black men, were then quickly shown either a picture of a tool or a handgun. Studies have already shown that people have a tendency to misidentify tools as guns after being shown a black face -- Bartholow's study found people make that mistake more often after being shown "a series of magazine ads for alcoholic beverages" when compared to others who had seen ads for water or coffee.

"As for the Trayvon Martin case, it very much reminds me of the Amadou Diallo case in 1999, when an unarmed black individual was shot to death by New York City police officers," Stepanova said. "Diallo was shot because officers claimed that they thought he pulled a gun, while in fact he reached for his wallet. The wallet was misconstrued as a gun by police officers."

Yes, the study seems to have a lot in common with those infamous 41 shots. But what's the connection to Trayvon Martin? A black person killed by someone who wasn't black?

"Associations between blacks and guns, violence and criminal behavior played a role in Mr. Martin's case," Stepanova said. "Mr. Martin was essentially a victim of racial stereotypes that so many in our society hold, and that cost him his life."

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George Gallo
George Gallo

So much pseudoscientific claptrap.  If there are any stable households in the 'hood, or there are any proper mentors of the teen generation then they should quit defending the identity concealing garments called hoodies, and quit deifying the drug counterculture and its pushers and quit trash talking and rapping and figure out a way to live indoors instead of seeming like vagrants. Sorry if you want to regard this as stereotyping and ignore its message.  I probably heard it from Bill Cosby.  But anyway, If these youths are not doing any or all of the above then it is hardly likely they'd be either suspended from school or "mistaken" for delinquents.  

Bill smith
Bill smith

93% of all murdered black males are murdered by other black males..

90% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks against whites..

Blacks males make up 35-40% of sexual assaults on white women..Jesse and Al jump at the chance to defend black women accusing white males ofrape, when in actuality, white on black sexual assault is virtually nonexistent.

In 2005 out of 36,000 sexual assaults against black women, almost all were black men, and less than "10" were from white men.. Yes, that is "10" and not 10%... 37,000 white women were sexually assaulted by black men that same year.. WHO IS TO BLAME???

Is Racism the reason blacks make up half the prison population, but only 13% of the total population?  The black prison population would be higher if so many black murderers hadn't killed other black murderers!!

the blame game is getting old.  tired of seeing blacks resist arrest and then claim police brutality..  instigate and act aggressive and thencry when their aggression is met with aggression.  at some point you are going to have to look inward to fix your problems, and stop blamingeveryone else!!

People of all colors have come here in the last 40years(with nothing) and become successful, without the help of affirmative action..  They put their nose to the grindstone and get itdone.

Blacks idea of Racism is never going away, because they wont let it.  They thrive off of conflict.

George Gallo
George Gallo

Your statistics are telling.  However, it is an inner city issue more than a suburban one, this past episode not exactly conforming.  Where there are stable two parent families of any ethnicity, and some involvement in religion, there will be a whole lot less of what you  describe.  I have many such fine people visiting my page who are mixed or non caucasian ethnicity who view these troublesome matters exactly as you and I, and yearn for answers.

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