Pumping Treated Poopwater Into the Water Supply? Pembroke Pines Won't Be the First

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As cities across the country face growing water shortages with the innovative idea of treating wastewater, then sending it back to the tap, probably the biggest hurdle is public perception. Media outlets certainly don't help, exploiting the "toilet-to-tap" trope to raise the so-called "yuck factor" of this relatively desperate measure.

Well, we don't apologize, because it's gross, and our job as a media outlet is to alarm you about things that are actually a lot more complicated than they appear.

See, the New York Times has a piece today about cities like San Diego overcoming that "yuck factor" and moving forward with wastewater treatment plans. It hits close to home in South Florida.

Our local capital of sprawling nowheredom, Pembroke Pines, went a step further last year by proposing to pipe treated wastewater directly into the Biscayne Aquifer, the incredibly large limestone sponge that underlies most of the tricounty area, naturally filtering our water.

"The water will be very, very well-treated," Pines City Manager Charlie Dodge told the Sun-Sentinel a year ago. "It's not as if you would know it went through this process."

So why hasn't anything been done yet? It's quite costly to invent and produce a treatment system to do this considerable task and inject treated water 60 to 200 feet back into the ground. (That water will disperse to neighboring cities across South Florida.)

Also: Thresholds are in place for when Pines is required to find a new source of drinking water. A certain level of water use, combined with current levels, triggers the requirement. The city is almost there.

Pines officials last year approved a last-minute agreement to pipe water to the proposed ICE detention facility built on a Southwest Ranches plot next to the Everglades. That certainly won't help the city's water-table situation and could ease the city closer to what places like San Diego have recently had to implement.

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mad as hell
mad as hell

There are countless carcinogenic chemicals , hormones, medicines, cleaning products , that all make their way into the sewer system. Very contagious viruses and bacteria like hepatitis a,b,c, herpes, aids, all find their way into the sewer system. Are we all ready to become lab rats to see if we catch a dreadful disease . Which then would  probably be very hard to prove in a court of law as to where it came from. This may be what the bean counters at this company are expecting. I think it's time to get together as a community and file a lawsuit to stop this madness before it get's to far along and wastes even more money!


Some municipal sewage systems recycle a certain amount of grey and blackwater using a high standard of treatment, providing reclaimed water for irrigation and other uses.


For 20,000 + years humans drank right out of streams and until the last 50 years or so, so did All the Native Americans.  In those streams was the output of all the Bambis, Yogis and all the cute 'lil animals, plus the tribe the braves periodically scalped.  We all survived just fine.

BFD.  And just where do ya think the fishies in da sea poop?


Is desalination any more costly?

Stupid Practice
Stupid Practice

Deep Water Well Injection is an environmental travesty approved by the knuckledraggers in Tallahassee that endangers the entire aquifer system that South Floridians depend on for safe drinking water.   The porous limestone aquifer systems in Florida are made up of many connected caverns allowing these "treated' waters to spread far beyond the location of where they are injected.  The impurities placed in the aquifers will be dispersing and leaching into South Floridian's drinking water for as long as South Florida is inhabitable.

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