Mavericks High in Homestead Makes Headlines -- This Time for Guns

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A Mavericks student was arrested for bringing a gun to school.
Mavericks High in Homestead was rocked by violence and grief this week. First, 16-year-old Danny Cruz was shot and killed by a police officer at a Homestead gas station. Then another Mavericks student, 17-year-old Jeremy Perez, was accused of bringing a gun to school "for protection." On Tuesday, Perez was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest.

The clashes with police brought renewed attention to a school that was the subject of a New Times investigation last year. Mavericks is part of a chain of charter schools designed to serve at-risk students who would otherwise drop out. It's run by a for-profit company, Mavericks in Education Florida, headed by Frank Biden, the vice president's brother. But the schools -- particularly the Homestead campus -- have been plagued by problems since they began opening in 2009. Last year, two former employees filed whistle-blower lawsuits alleging that the Mavericks in Homestead inflates attendance records, alters grades, and does not offer standard Florida high school diplomas. Mavericks officials have denied the allegations.

Florida Department of Education records show Mavericks High in Homestead graduated just 4.5 percent of students in the 2010-11 school year. In fact, none of the Mavericks schools has managed to graduated even half its eligible students. To read New Times' in-depth investigation of the Mavericks chain, click here.

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Don't you mean yo' baby daddy?  He threw dirt on his own name.  Kid could have done something seeing as he was gifted but he chose to be a thug.  There's only two places for thugs and that's jail and in the ground.  Learn from the mistakes of others.  Close your legs and stop pushing out kids for a welfare check.  Have some self respect and get an education. Do something with your life and stop mooching off the rest of us.  You are all like a bunch of disease spreading rats down there.  Spreading this thug and welfare lifestyle like it is something to be proud of.  You can tell you have no proper up bringing by defending him.  I didn't grow up in a rich household.  We had to work hard for everything we had, but my parents raised me with the values of hard work.  I read your comments and the other comments have left on these message boards and it shows me I am doing something right with my kids.  They can actually spell, have manners and work hard in school.

young triga
young triga

jeremy preze is my hubby  and ill be dam if yall throw dirt on his name r.i.p danny cruz


If he is your hubby, I am so sorry.  I witnessed the whole incident and your aka hubby had a gun.  If he is really married he needs to be a man and grow up.  He is a pathetic waste of air.  People, children like him are what is wrong with youth today.  Protection from what?  Oh wait, he must distribute and was not getting paid.  I got it.  There were also two other students that got arrested with your dear hubby.  All three of the students including your hubby have previous run ins with the law. 

I think that you should enroll in South Dade Adult Center.  You do not know how to spell your last name?  Dam is spelled damn, no punctuation, no capitalization?  My 8 year old can write better than you. 

It is just sad how society allows this bull crap to continue to happen.  How your parents raised you to be what?  Nothing.  I love how the government allows students to claim benefits for having kids and rewards them with TAP, free medical, food stamps, and section 8.  They are proud that they do not work, never show up for school, and keep reproducing like rabbits.  I will see you on Television saying how your hubby was so innocent but shot those people because he felt threatened.  Sorry excuse for space, I am embarrassed to share the same air with you and your hubby. 

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