The Bill That Could Bring Destination Resorts to Broward "Dead for This Year"

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"Hey, you take your giant casino drawings and you GET OUT OF TOWN, MISTER."
The Florida House bill that would grant three licenses to developers looking to build South Florida resorts has been killed, at least for the time being. The House Business and Consumer Affairs committee postponed a vote rather than voting it down, which theoretically keeps the bill alive but makes it extremely unlikely it will go anywhere this legislative session.

Adding to that perception is a news release from House Rules Committee Chairman Gary Aubuchon saying that "as long as I am the Chairman of the House Rules Committee, this bill will not be withdrawn from any committees and is dead for this year."

As far as we know, Aubuchon is still chairman of the House Rules Committee, and the bill
is still dead.

The Senate's version of the bill, sponsored by Fort Lauderdale Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, will likely sit in committee now that the House has failed to pass its version. The legislation had its fair share of opponents, including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, and the Florida Retail Federation.

The Fort Lauderdale City Commission got in on the action too, passing a resolution last month "urging" the legislature to reject the gaming bill for several reasons including, "our community will bear the severe and painful economic and social costs that always accompany expansive gambling, including the misery of individuals and families touched by problem gambling as they are at higher risk of divorce, bankruptcy, child abuse, domestic violence, crime, and suicide."

Check out the full text below and a Pulp analysis of the resolution here:

Fort Lauderdale City Commission Anti-Gaming Resolution

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Ling Ling Park
Ling Ling Park

While I find a comment here offensive, it is not nearly as offensive as the legislators that shafted Miami by delaying the gambling reform. That's thousands of people that could be working. Instead they'll be staying home using food stamps. The pompus lawmakers won't need term limitation to get them voted out ASAP.

Chinaman Chang
Chinaman Chang

Ain't term limits a bitch.  The lobbyists and staff know the rules better than the rules chairman. You saw it here first:  There will be floor action on the casino bill in the house.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

I'm curious how this could happen -- are you saying a different committee is going to pick up the bill, or that the committee that didn't support it is going to change its mind?

Chinaman Chang
Chinaman Chang

There are several scenarios within the rules where you could amend the bill onto another bill and the house bill sitting in committee would not need to be withdrawn. For example, you could amend the bill onto another bill in another committee.  The amendment would only be considered out of order on the floor, not in another committee....I'm not going to list all of the options, but there are many...

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