CCA Threatens to Deprive Residents of Money if They "Reject" Immigration Detention Center

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Hey, remember that ICE detention facility that prison contractor CCA is trying to build in a remote exclave of Southwest Ranches? Opponents of the project are still raising hell.

For months, the people organizing the protests against the facility have been met with a rebuttal from town officials that it's already a done deal. When Pembroke Pines ramped up its opposition and started to consider canceling its agreement to provide water to the facility, they were told that CCA would just go ahead and drill its own well.

"The time to say you object? That was in the 1990s," Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff told us.

But the backlash appears to have set CCA's public relations department back on its heels -- the company is sending out astroturf mailers saying how much money stands to be lost "if we reject the South Florida Detention Center."

That implies that residents of Pembroke Pines, to which that mailer was directed, have the option of rejecting it -- which doesn't square with the assertion that this is a done deal.

CCA VP Lucibeth Mayberry has stated in public that the company will take care of its own water treatment if services aren't provided to it -- although as we showed in our feature story, Southwest Ranches officials jumped through hoops and sacrificed the town's existing fire/EMS contract to set up the service agreement with Pembroke Pines.

Here's the Pines mailer, provided by antiprison activist Bill Di Scipio:

Here's a similar one distributed in Southwest Ranches. And another, more general flier sent to local residents, trumpeting the benefits of the facility:

The fliers link to, a website cooked up by CCA PR to set the record straight on some issues as they see them -- and to threaten residents with taking away money for their schools and services should CCA be kept from moving to town.

We have a call out to Poliakoff for his opinion on the fliers. As for Di Scipio and his gang, which recently formed a PAC to allow more fundraising and publicity, he believes CCA will still, in fact, go away.

"We've known all along that with a core of residents opposed to the prison, we will turn them," he says.

As loopy as this prison fight has been -- much to the chagrined surprise of CCA and ICE, we imagine -- we'll just wait and see.

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Miguel Mujica-Baella
Miguel Mujica-Baella

the time to say NO was in 1990?  what kind of stupid comment is that from an attorney? wow, that guy does not stop to amaze me with his stupid remarks. In the 1990's I was in High school and now that Im a professional with a family I object 100@yahoo-KMT2FQUYJZHVLHZHWT5TZFOW2U:disqus  this cancer in our community!!!  


CCA GO AWAY!!! DON"T COMEBACK ANOTHER DAY!!!!We have signs all over the place due to do hard work and perseverance. We will not back off. These mailers are a last ditch effort on their part. Guess we hit several nerves. Stefan can you believe CCA referred to us as "OUR TOWN". We never agreed to share "OUR TOWN" with them. It should read "OUR CRONIES" Mayor Nelson, Vice Mayor McKay(Felon), S.Breitkreuz, G.Jablonski,F.Fisikelli,and last but not least Town Attorney K.Poliakoff. Looks like these CRONIES have been rewarded in some way to be singing such accolades. This isn't the will of the RESIDENTS!!!!! They seem to forget who lives in this town, they so fiercely wish to annihilate.


CCA and ICE go away, you have no business placing a facility like this in the middle of a residential area with schools.  ICE,  are you going to let more convicts out to kill innocent citizens like the Haitian guy did?  CCA, are you going to let your prison guards rape more women?  SWR leaders, you dont have the intelligence to manage and execute this kind of contract.  Youre making fool of yourselves and youre putting ALL the surrounding communities at risk, including Davie, Cooper City, Pines and Weston.  Now that its known you have no public safety concerns, you all look like a bunch of greedy money grubbing worms.


How can you deprive Pembroke Pines of money it never had? Thats like saying, I lost $20 Million because I did not win the lottery last night. You can't lose what you never had. and frankly, in Pines' case.. they will eventually make that money for water/sewer. Realistically no one expects the land to sit empty - we just want APPROPRIATE development .. and whatever APPROPRIATE project ends up out there... I'm sure they will need water and sewer too. So the millions will come .. just not at the risk of our safety! CCA GOAWAY


its an industrial area that pembroke pines erroneously permitted residential units to be built in. look at a zoning map browardpeeps: its surrounded bu industrial zoning on three sides, with a landfill, industrial uses AND A PRISON immediately adjacent to it. If a proposed prison is located adjacent to an existing prison, it certainly must be deemed compatible 


Which CRONIE are You?????? READ your newspapers, listen to the news. The existing prison will be closed soon. GONE!!! EMPTY!!! HASTA LA VISTA!!!!! Private Prison Corps are spending big bucks $$$$$$ to lobby their cause!!!!!!! There are several "COMPATIBLE" places for this monstrosity, not Southwest Ranches!!!!!!! More PROPAGANDA arrived in the mailbox. An 81/2x11 4 page brochure type mailer.CCA KEEP SPENDING YOUR PROFIT!!!!!!!! At least they are helping the POST OFFICE EMPLOYEES!!!!!!

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