Broward County Back on America's Most Wanted Tonight

AMW host John Walsh
​Set your DVRs, everybody. BroCo's back on America's Most Wanted.

Tonight's 9 o'clock show on Lifetime will feature the Broward Sheriff's Office Fugitive Squad, according to a police news release, and will feature the search for 39-year-old Fritz Alisme, accused of multiple counts of sexual battery on a child. The squad will also be looking for 27-year-old Isaac Amos, who was described in the news release as being "wanted for trying to kill a guy."

It was later revised to say that he's accused of...
... hitting a woman multiple times with a shovel. Neither is listed as currently in custody in Broward County.

The show will also ask for tips in last September's shooting at a Sunrise Boulevard Subway sandwich shop -- a gunman shot two workers after they informed him they didn't sell $2 sandwiches.

Walsh, whose son Adam was abducted from Hollywood Mall and murdered in 1981, said the BSO had "one of the premier fugitive squads in the United States, if not in the world," in an AMW behind-the-scenes video from a year ago:

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Doug E.
Doug E.

Haven't these bozos at the Sheriff's office have cost taxpayers enough trauma already with their botched public relations ventures which have burned out in a blaze of self congratulatory glory at the expense our tourist trade? Time for a new Sheriff in this here town.

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