Bill Koch and Oxbow Donate $1 Million to Romney Super PAC

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Kim Sargent
Bill Koch says Romney is friendly to coal mining.
Six months ago, Bill Koch's spokesman told us the Palm Beach billionaire's political allegiances were "hard to pin down." Unlike Tea Party sugar daddies Charles and David Koch, "Wild Bill" was the Koch brother who supported more traditional Republican candidates and liked to fly under the radar. Sure, he was a member of Mitt Romney's Florida fundraising team, but by August, he had donated only a total of $165,000 to GOP candidates throughout the country.

Well, times have changed. From September through December, Koch and his energy company, Oxbow Carbon, donated a cool $1 million to Mitt Romney's super PAC, Restore Our Future. That's an undeniably large chunk of cash, putting Koch in a high-rolling category with just six other donors to the PAC.
Let's review the reasons Bill Koch supports Romney. For a man running a coal, gas, and petroleum company, President Barack Obama has been a major nuisance.

"He does not agree with the president's economic policies," Koch spokesman Brad Goldstein said in August. "This administration has made it extremely difficult for businesses to operate."

Specifically, Koch doesn't appreciate the way Obama officials treat coal mining and calls the Environmental Protection Agency "hyperaggressive."

"It's far easier to get permits to mine for natural resources outside the United States than inside," Goldstein says. "He thinks Mitt Romney would be much more pro-business than Barack Obama."

As governor of Massachusetts, Romney also opposed an offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound -- a project Bill Koch spent more than $1.5 million fighting.

So there you have it, folks. Vote for Romney and make it easier for coal barons like Koch to rake in the dough.

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Bill Koch called twin Brother David Koch "Organized Crime" on national TV, CBS, 60 Minutes, Blood & Oil segment. (Google it.)

So there you have it folks, Stalin-profiteer (google it) dad raised a clutch of sociopaths. David & Charles screwed brothers Bill and Fred out of millions in value on their inheritance. In retaliation Bill sued Twin David and brother Charles over and over again. In one of the lawsuits, a whistle blower lawsuit where stool-pigeon Bill sang like a canary in court and on CBS, sociopath Bill got partially even with his brothers, although he never did his "civic duty" to sing like a canary to Federal investigators before or after. It wasn't to stop "ORGANIZED CRIME" that he went on TV, but to get a better deal from his brothers.

SOCIOPATHS FOR MITT ROMNEY! Unite -- you have your candidate who bankrupted and destroyed companies, looted worker's pension funds, just to donate a tithe of $40,000,000.00 to the Mormon temple. I wonder if Bill Koch donates to the Mormon Temple?


"So there you have it, folks. Vote for Romney and make it easier for coal barons like Koch to rake in the dough."

The mentality of the journalists last comment above is what’s wrong with the average Joe’s way of thinking.  When one person excels and ultimately makes 'dough', it benefits more people than you might think.  People need to put aside their envious entitlement attitudes if they really want to RESTORE AMERICA.  

I don’t know about anybody else but, I want businesses to operate right here in the USA.

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