Beau Boshers Gets Six Years for Dealing 3.6 Million Pain Pills

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Beau Boshers, conspirator of money-laundering or something like that.
Add one more sentencing to the long list of guilty pleas associated with Christopher and Jeffrey George's South Florida pill mill scheme. Forty-eight-year-old Beau Boshers was one of 13 doctors charged in the $40 million scam and one of 28 people to plead guilty so far; he was sentenced to six years in prison for "money laundering conspiracy," according to the Associated Press, which in this case appears to mean essentially chucking oxycodone out the door with a snow shovel.

We wrote earlier this month about the workings of the George brothers' pill scams, which could reportedly pull in $50,000 in a day and were linked to at least 56 deaths.

The clinics were an assembly line -- according to court documents, doctors were frequently paid by patients to encourage them to keep the clients moving along. In less than three years, three clinics under Christopher George had dished out a reported 18 million pain pills. George was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison earlier this month.

One of those clinics was American Pain, where Boshers worked in 2009 and 2010. According to the Palm Beach Post, he dished out more than 3.6 million pills. His wife told the judge it was being worn out that pushed Boshers to work at the clinic -- he graduated med school when he was in his 40s, she said, adding that working "nights, weekends, 24 hours at a time... was very stressful for someone 45 years old, not 30 like others in the group."

From court documents:

The defendant and coconspirator physicians prescribed controlled substances without reviewing prior medical records, referring individuals to medical specialists or recommending alternative treatment modalities. The defendant and coconspirator physicians prescribed a predetermined "cocktail'' of controlled substances which contained oxycodone 30 mg. and 15 mg., xanax and/or soma. No individualization or particularization of treatment of care was used, other than to vary the quantity of drugs prescribed in the "cocktail.'' ... The defendant and coconspirators engaged in the above-described criminal conduct for a profit motive.
If you're curious and have some free time, here's the original superseding indictment of the whole crew:

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Where Beau lived, shows he was making hand over fist, or laundering it pretty well in these kind of investments at Frenchman's Reserve, right. The 686 Hermitage house had 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. Oddly, the owner sold it recently, it was owned by the Kimberly Sullivan, [ kimn s sullivan] who, obviously was his girlfriend while living there, because it shows them both owning and living there during his pill pushing. Now he's moved to SC, gets a reduced sentence and gets to untie his money he hid away through women and friends before prison?  This guy also got married while in prison? Like one of those kool aid drinking women who writes to convicts because they're lonely?  The more they report this one the news [like today] the more I lose faith in the law and justice system.


Perhaps Beau will find the prison schedule restful.


Wow, maybe Perper and Seidlin were trying to get in on that action. 

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