Scott Rothstein Deposition Sequel in the Works

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Scott W. Rothstein
If Scott Rothstein's deposition in Miami last month left something to be desired, we've got good news -- the feds are planning the sequel.

According to federal court documents filed last week, Herbert Stettin -- the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler bankruptcy trustee -- has requested another deposition of Rothstein so people who couldn't participate in last month's events could get in on the action.

The order for a hearing on the matter scheduled for February 10 was signed by U.S. District Judge James Cohn and states that neither Rothstein nor the feds oppose deposing Rothstein by "video-conferencing."

Just like the last time around, the feds are opposing the recording of the video.

According to Stettin's request, there are 29 cases pending "that require Scott Rothstein's testimony on critical points that the Trustee believes should aid in further recovery for the Estate."

The actual purpose of the first deposition and this proposed one is to recover money for Rothstein's Ponzi scheme victims.

At the time time, the deposition has also turned into a soap opera for those following the case, adding to the lore and rumor mill in many (many) aspects.

On the other hand, nearly half of our readers thought Rothstein was lying his way through the deposition -- which isn't an unrealistic thought, as many of his accusations of criminal behavior against people haven't materialized.

The last indictment in the case was heavy on allegations but light on the number of people involved -- Marybeth Feiss, an administrative assistant at the now-defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm, and William "Uncle Bill" Boockvor, a bookkeeper at RRA, were both hit with single felony charges last month. (Catch up on those by clicking here.)

According to the criminal complaint against Feiss, she was involved in "part of the conspiracy that Rothstein attempted to dramatically increase the stature and political power of RRA on the federal, state, and local level by making substantial political contributions to political candidates."

According to Boockvor's complaint, he'd give TD Bank employees fraudulent bank statements of people investing in Rothstein's investment scheme. Boockvor would help them prepare envelopes with the fraudulent bank statements, along with cover letters from the bank saying the fake balances were accurate, the feds say.

By all accounts, criminal charges related to Rothstein's scheme will continue to be distributed to his alleged co-conspirators, but until then, stock up on the popcorn and hope for the deposition sequel.

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Can we get the Cliffsnotes version of the first round?


Is this when Rothsteinw will start mentioning the dirty judges, politicians and law enforcement?


Look what the "BIG SHOT" turned into...a "BIG P---Y!


Let's hope so, Tyrell. Want to see if there is a connection between Rothstein, Tom Wheeler, Lamberti and 4th DCA judge Spencer Levine, who allegedly hired a criminal defense lawyer some time ago, according to this publication. Wheeler and Levine were tight with each other and with governor Crist, and then voila - Rothstein gets appointed to the screening committee for the 4th DCA by Crist, Levine's wife gets the job as Lamberti's general counsell, Spencer Levine gets appointed to the 4th DCA with absolutely no judicial experience, Rothstein's firm gets a private sit down with execs at north broward hospital district (where Spencer Levine was chief operating officer) in an attempt to get legal work backhandedly without going through proper channels and Crist gets a nice donation (per earlier New Times articles).

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