Principal at Mavericks High in Palm Springs Not Certified to Teach in Florida

Palm Springs small.jpg
Mavericks High in Palm Springs.
The principal of the Mavericks High charter school in Palm Springs is not certified to teach in Florida, according to the State Department of Education.

Thomas Lockett runs a school that serves roughly 500 at-risk students and promises to help them earn enough credits to graduate. Yet he does not have a teaching certificate or list any teaching experience on his LinkedIn online résumé. Prior to joining Mavericks last year, he was an account executive for home health-care and pharmaceutical companies. He also served six months as a regional director for  Revolution Prep, a test preparation and education software company.

Lockett was not at Mavericks on Friday or today when the Pulp called for comment. "I don't know when he'll be back," said the woman who answered the phone.

One former Mavericks employee, who spoke to the Pulp on the condition of anonymity, says Lockett does not have a background in education and relies on other staffers for help. "He's clueless," the employee says.

Mavericks High in Palm Springs is the newest campus of a chain of charter schools run by the for-profit company, Mavericks in Education Florida. The company, headquartered in West Palm Beach, has eight schools in the state. Last year, two former employees at the Mavericks High in Homestead filed whistle-blower lawsuits alleging that the school inflated attendance numbers and failed to properly report grades, among other allegations. Mavericks officials have denied the allegations.

Mavericks manager Lauren Hollander did not immediately respond to a request for comment today.

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BFD, he is a manager.  accounting and managing those that can teach is what you need. 

its not like public schools do a good job... 

Oh, can we talk about over crowing and class size, and how the school board has over built schools, (and offices) but doesn't have the teachers for the law that's been in place for what?  5 years?


Sure, you don't need to know the first thing about education to lead teachers and students.  That makes perfect sense.  Perhaps we can have electricians running a hospital next.  If you put educators in charge of education, for a change, schools would serve students much better than they do now.

What do you base your assertion that public schools aren't doing a good job upon?  The facts simply don't back it up - but if you have a source that shows schools don't do a good job cite it.  I'd be more than interested to read it.

And if there aren't enough teachers to fill the jobs that exist, it makes perfect sense to pay less and treat teachers like trash.  That'll fill those classrooms.

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