Occupy Fort Lauderdale Releases Its "Declaration of Occupation"

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Almost three months after the first "Declaration of Occupation" was released by an Occupy camp -- the first one from the Occupy Wall Street outfit -- Occupy Fort Lauderdale has now aired its list of grievances.

The 40 complaints are divided into four sections in the document, including sections on bankers and the "1%," war mongering/profiteering, climate change, and civil liberties.

Some of the grievances are fairly similar to other declarations put by other Occupy camps around the country, while some appear to be unique.

According to Occupy Fort Lauderdale's announcement, the document "grew" from the declarations of Occupy camps in New York and Washington, D.C., while other ideas are based on thoughts outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United States, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the Declaration of Independence.

"This movement is patriotic and American in nature," an unnamed Occupy Fort Lauderdale spokesperson says in the announcement. "It reaffirms our belief in the truths we built this nation upon, but which our political system has sold to corporations and the wealthy. This document is a call to reclaim those truths."

Below, we'll post a few of Occupy Fort Lauderdale's Florida-specific claims, and the entire declaration can be found below that:

  • Banks have taken our houses through an illegal foreclosure process, despite not having the original mortgage. In Florida, we have 58,000 homeless people yet 1.6 million vacant housing units, many of them due to foreclosures.
  • The environment is threatened by the proposed resumption of construction of nuclear power plants, only months after the meltdown of Fukushima, including the expansion of a plant within 50 miles of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Corporate interests pursue land development at the expense of habitat protection for endangered species, diminishing the web of life and the natural legacy we leave to future generations to enjoy. Locally, a fossil fuel power plant is planned for the heart of primary Florida panther habitat in Hendry County.
  • In Florida, our drinking water is threatened by runoff from agribusiness farming. Hydraulic fracking likewise threatens water supplies throughout the nation.

Declaration of the Occupation of Fort Lauderdale 2012-01-22

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Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

The Occupy Movement is NECESSARY for our citizens to exposethe corruption which Big Business has infected our Government with.  Every single person occupying the streets andprotesting Corporations is a hero and a patriot.  I was compelled to lend a hand and createsome new posters for the movement which you can download for free on myartist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


This inspiring manifesto is sure to fuel their ranks by at least 5 or 6 people, hell maybe a dozen!  That's like a 50% increase!  Yes!


Way to go OCCUPY FT LAUDERDALE! I love you guys. Don't let those who do not understand why we are doing what we are doing stand in your path.

Occupying is about opening your hearts to total strangers. Its about looking each other in the eye and admitting the truth about how we feel. The Occupation movement is a national conversation. We are simply holding our ground on a public space so that we may meet and talk to members of the public that we otherwise might not have ever met. The media and some of our friends and family on the left AND right simply don't understand this. This is a social movement, not a political movement and the establishment doesn't know what to do with us.

The media has and will continue to repeat two questions to Occupiers: 1). What are your demands?... and... 2). Who are your leaders? NEVER FALL FOR THE TRICK. NEVER ANSWER.

This is not a protest, this is an occupation. This idea that we will somehow make a list of demands and then take it to our representatives is ludicrous. The whole system is broken and there is no point in highlighting what part of the system is the most broken and focusing on that ONE part. Besides, everyone knows that you get things done in DC with money and lobbyists. Who would we bring these "demands" to, anyways?

Oh that's right, we will bring them to Obama because we, as occupiers, are his loyal minions, right? Yes folks, Barack Obama, the darling of Wall Street, is behind a nonhierarchal global movement to remove corporate influence from politics. The man who received FAR more corporate campaign contributions than McCain, the man who actually increased the military budget when he came into office, the man who picked a former Goldman Sachs exec to head up the Treasury dept., yes folks, that is the man who inspires us. Pat yourself on the back for figuring this out.

We don't need anyone to lead us. The media is on a witch hunt for leaders because the powers that be know that leaders will only tear the movement apart. Leaders create division and infighting. Its a well known tactic for the authorities to insist that they will negotiate, but only with a representative instead of negotiating with the group. DONT FALL FOR THIS TRICK!

For all you conservatives who rolled your eyes at us in October and said that EVERYONE would be gone by Christmas, well, WE ARE STILL HERE. For those who said that we "should go protest at the White House," WE DID THAT TOO. Now what is your next, fresh criticism? Bring it on.

2012 is going to be a big year for this movement. Remember: they can crush the flowers BUT THEY CANT. STOP. THE SPRING!!!

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

"A spokesperson for the Mission Statement Working Group of the leaderless Occupy movement said 'This document grew from the Declarations of Occupation of New York City and Washington D.C. We have added to that the thinking of some of the most fundamental statements of freedom and human rights our society has generated: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was ratified by the United States, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the Declaration of Independence. This movement is patriotic and American in nature. It reaffirms our belief in the truths we built this nation upon, but which our political system has sold to corporations and the wealthy. This document is a call to reclaim those truths.'"

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