Lois Frankel Endorsed by Democratic Legislators Ahead of Possible Primary

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Democrats Lois Frankel and Patrick Murphy have maintained that they're both hell-bent on defeating Republican Rep. Allen West in this year's election.

On the other hand, it's not 100 percent that they'll both want to run against West considering the redistricting process, so both Democrats have been treading very lightly against each other before things become more settled.

After posting similar fundraising numbers for last quarter -- both being drowned by West's fundraising -- Frankel has started to announce some endorsements from local Democrats.

The Frankel campaign announced that Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith, Senate Minority Whip Maria Sachs, Democratic Pro Temp Joe Gibbons, and incoming House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston are officially endorsing her as being "best suited to beat Tea Party Congressman Allen West and bring jobs and economic development to South Florida."

Last week, former Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek also gave his endorsement to Frankel.

These endorsements aren't exactly surprising, considering Frankel's been in the Broward/Palm Beach political circles for quite some time now, but it's still interesting seeing as it's not exactly clear who's running against whom quite yet.

Then there's the other side of the coin, where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced last week which candidates it will be supporting or which races it will be targeting.

The DCCC didn't give its endorsement to either Frankel or Murphy, instead opting to target West's congressional seat.

The Murphy campaign hasn't exactly announced endorsements but noted last week that the campaign has received contributions from former Rep. Robert Wexler, former Broward Mayor Ken Keechl, philanthropists Jeff and Yolanda Berkowitz, former gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride, and former Wilton Manors Mayor Jim Stork.

Still, it's unclear what's going to happen between the two candidates -- and even West -- before some maps are finalized and decisions are made on which districts to run in.

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What do the district boundaries matter to Allen West?  He doesn't live in his district now.

Lynn Anderson
Lynn Anderson

Anyone but Lois I say. Democrats have a habit of endorsing people before they actually have a candidate. Loyalty does not go too far with Dems before primaries as they juggle around for power but they all seem to have blind loyalty to Obama.  From a Democrat.


Jeff Berkowitz is not a philanthropist, he is a real estate developer.  Google his wife's name to read about the $40,000 dresses she buys as described in a WSJ article last year.

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