The Accusations Against Boynton Beach Mayor Jose Rodriguez

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Boynton Beach Mayor Jose Rodriguez's jailhouse photo shoot.
We made a brief post last night announcing the arrest of Boynton Beach Mayor Jose Rodriguez on three criminal charges -- including one felony -- and now that we've had a chance to check out the probable-cause affidavit, we'll let you know what happened.

According to the report from the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office, Rodriguez's wife, Sarah Marquez, called Boynton Beach Police Chief Matt Immler on August 8, saying she "feared for her safety" because of Rodriguez.

In an interview, investigators say Marquez claimed Rodriguez and his son had hit one of their juvenile family members (her name and relationship to the family are redacted from the documents) and said Rodriguez made "an inappropriate sexual comment" to her.

The investigation was classified as a "police assist" and was closed pending any new information -- until someone made a public records request for the interview on November 9.

That records request brought the interview to the attention of a Boynton Beach police sergeant in the department's Special Victim's Unit, who reopened the case and got the Department of Children and Families involved.

As of November 9, Marquez and the unidentified family member were out of state, and police opened a criminal investigation into Rodriguez.

Immler said Rodriguez called him the next week, then hung up on him.

The next day, Rodriguez called back.

"Chief Immler stated that during that call, Mayor Rodriguez invoked his status as the Mayor and told the chief to stop pursuing the criminal investigation and to stop trying to contact his wife," the documents state. "Chief Immler stated that Mayor Rodriguez screamed so loudly on the phone that two majors in the office... could also hear Rodriguez yelling at him."

The chief wasn't about to quit the investigation, but the next day, he got an email from Marquez, who "demanded" that the cops stop contacting her.

Immler still planned on doing his job and investigating whether a crime had occurred but told investigators there was "no doubt that Mayor Jose Rodriguez was using his position as Mayor to intimidate him and the police department into stopping the investigation of the Mayor."

Interim City Manager Lori LaVerriere told investigators that she also got a call from Rodriguez, saying Immler and his detectives didn't know how to conduct an investigation and also that Immler was a "lying piece of shit."

LaVerriere also explained to investigators that according to the city charter, the mayor is supposed to go to the city manager with complaints about the police department and that Rodriguez "acted contrary to the city charter" by phoning up Immler.

Before all this had erupted, LaVerriere said Rodriguez told her she'd "probably" end up as the permanent city manager, which the commission is scheduled to address in February.

The affidavit states that after Rodriguez went to LaVerriere a few more times after the incident -- including allegedly telling her "[s]omething needs to be done" about the police department -- LaVerriere told investigators she was "certain" about what Rodriguez meant about all that.

"LaVerriere stated that Mayor Rodriguez was using his position of having a vote for her as the permanent City Manager (or not) to influence her to intervene in the police investigation and assist him in firing Chief Immler," the report says.

On January 18, the State Attorney's Office got back the results of the DCF investigation and the Boynton Beach police investigation into the original abuse allegations -- they were both closed cases, as the police department's investigation closed due to Rodriguez's son and the alleged victim refusing to cooperate.

Rodriguez denied to investigators that he tried to stop the investigation, but the state attorney's office still found probable cause to arrest him on three charges -- unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior (the felony), as well as misdemeanor counts of solicitation to commit unlawful disclosure of confidential criminal information and obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Rodriguez voluntarily turned himself in and was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on $8,000 bond about 90 minutes after being booked.

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I haven't seen this in any of the reporting I've seen on this, but i think it's important piece of info people should know. The wife is out of her mind crazy when she is off her meds. 


Sounds like a typical 2000 century custody fight complete with the criminalization of a marriage and cops.  And with an emotional hispanic yowling at the top of his lungs.  In all probability, the charges will never go to court, but the wife will get all the stuff and the kids, the husband's career will end, but the child support will be fat and continue for years.  A good liberal's wet dream (assuming they could get it up).  Too bad for the husband and the kids, but mommy will be sure she's won and the lawyers will ooze away with a pile of cash.


You obviously dont know Sarah. She has never done drugs, is against medication, and was suffering from depression because of the verbal abuse and bullying Jose puts her and everyone else through. Her mother had just passed away, and Jose was never supportive only caring about himself. Running around with mistresses and only caring about his politics. Dont turn this on her.... She didnt do anything but try to save her marriage and protect her child. Jose obviously wasnt and still is not protecting or defending his family. Jose did all this to himself.


No children together therefore no child support (check), political career over (check), married less than two years/NO Alimony (check), reputation ruined (check), costly attorneys fees (check)....awwww what a happy ending! 


Is that how your divorce went? Interesting, but not pertinent to the story. Still, glad you got in your dig against liberals so you feel better about yourself.

The criminal charges described in the article have nothing to do with any possible divorce proceedings. If the story told by LaVerriere and Immler stands up in court, Rodriguez is in deep shit.

It's one thing when civilians make those charges against a sitting Mayor, but when the Chief of Police and the Interim City Manager go on record with these statements, prompting the State Attorney's Officeto file one felony and two misdemeanor counts, divorce is the last worry for Rodriguez.


@ Goaway, you obviously don't know Sarah....mental illness runs in HER family! Sister is mentally retarded, mother suffered from mental illness and her brother committed suicide! She was way crazy before she met Jose....and her poor child (that she is not protecting) she is going to be a basket case as an adult! Btw, Sarah has been on medication for her mental illness most of her life, so obviously you don't know her!  Mental illness is a serious disease and I feel bad that she is suffering from this but she brought this mess on herself and it definitely is not Jose' fault that she is LOCA (sp?) 

Banshii you are correct but all that will soon come out in one way or another... 


I know Sarah and I like Sarah. I also know Jose and I like Jose. I also got to watch some of this craziness go on. I also know the players on the City and County side. My guess is this will not stand up in court. Innocent until proven otherwise.

BB Resident
BB Resident

spudnixx, not when the Chief and City Manager and the BBPD are the corrupt ones. This has nothing to do with democrats or republicans it has to do with lies! The BBPD have just opened up a can of worms against their department. We will see how many of them go down in the next couple of months...stay tuned!!!  


Rodriguez is a fool and he'll get what is coming to him for attempting to interfere with an investigation.  Boynton Beach is not Bogota.  However, there is nothing at the base of this affair and the investigation will turn up nothing.  So mommy will achieve the destruction of her marriage and her husband's career.  And the cops will not manage to solve the crime of the century and cover themselves with glory.  No books or TV specials are going to come out of this.


I have known Chief Immler over 25 years going back to when he was a Lt. in Baltimore and as an attorney. I can say for certain that his integrity and honesty is of the highest caliber. 

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