Two Alleged Accomplices of Man Killed by Cops in Gun Buy Charged With Murder

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Broward Sheriff's Office
Elvence Saint Aulien (left) and Jean Marcel Coulanges have been charged with first-degree murder.
A day after Johnny Wright was shot and killed by cops during an undercover gun buy, his two alleged accomplices are now in jail on murder charges.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Wright, 23, was shot yesterday afternoon after allegedly pointing a gun at the cops during an "illegal gun sale."

The BSO now says this all happened because Wright and his two accomplices were planning on stealing the money the undercover cops brought to buy the guns.

A task force consisting of sheriff's deputies, municipal cops, and federal agents had set up a deal to buy guns from Johnny Wright arrived on the 2300 block of NW 12th Court in Pompano Beach -- a location the BSO says Wright chose -- and the sheriff's deputy went to buy the guns from him, according to the sheriff's office

The BSO says Wright was shot after 18-year-old Jean Marcel Coulanges pointed a rifle at the undercover deputy during the attempt to steal the money.

Wright began to run, and "pointed a handgun at officers as he fled on foot," the sheriff's office says, at which point both a BSO deputy and a Coral Springs cop fired at him.

Wright was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the North Broward Medical Center.

Coulanges and 19-year-old Elvence Saint Aulien were both taken into custody yesterday, and their first-degree murder charges for Wright's death were just tacked on today.

Both men are being held without bond in the Broward County Jail.

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