Fox News Now Pilfering Stories From the "Lib Media"

Roger Ailes: You owe me money, dude.
​Fox News likes to mock news from liberal media. Today, however, it plagiarized some.

We already know what Fox thinks of New Times -- when we accused Congressman Allen West of violating the flag code by taking an American flag scuba diving, Fox News rewrote a stolen headline to read, "Lib Media Says Allen West Violated Flag Code."

Now, though, the Fox content thieves have copied a New Times blog post -- byline and all -- and stuck it on the front page of their Fox Nation section, which features stories painstakingly stolen from news sources that can get by without quite as much plagiarism.

The story is a quick item we posted yesterday about Florida congressional candidate Mark Oxner, who released a campaign video that featured President Barack Obama captaining a slave ship. We thought the whole thing was silly and unsubstantial; Fox rebranded the story "Epic Campaign Ad Brings Obama's 'Captain of the Ship' Analogy to Life."

We usually welcome links and shoutouts from other sites -- especially ones that get 67,000 Facebook likes in an afternoon -- but the link doesn't mean much when entire posts are lifted. Hey, Fox -- you've used my byline before, but you paid actual money for it. If you want more content from a dirty, liberal heathen like me, you're gonna have to pony up.

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Dave R
Dave R

Fos News is GREAT!  They bring you the stories, important to innocuous, the other news outlets ignore.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Oh FOX news, is there anything you wont do?You have the outright lies covered, and now you have added theft.  Still do not understand why anyone would get news from them.  I only watch every now an then for the laugh.

Eric Barton
Eric Barton

@google-8ae873e9dee9e46121b0e798c9a885dd:disqus , if you re-read this article, you'll realize Fox News in fact brings you stories that the other news outlets have already reported. What they did here is clear cut copyright infringement.

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