Fort Lauderdale Cops Shoot a Guy Next to the New Times Office

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UPDATE: The shootee is 17-year-old Andre Chowtie. He's being transferred to juvie today and will be charged with auto theft, reckless driving, and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, police say.

The area of the New Times office has been a hotbed of activity for the Fort Lauderdale cops recently, as one of the department's officers was arrested in a drug bust on the south side of our building last month and cops shot a guy on the north side of our building yesterday evening.

The latter kept us at work a few extra minutes yesterday, as a Fort Lauderdale cop shot a car-thief suspect around 5 p.m. yesterday.

He's expected to be OK, but if anyone saw the helicopter, cop cars, and yellow tape around our office, we assure you, it wasn't us.

According to Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Travis Mandell, the cops got a "Lo-Jack" notification that a stolen car was lingering around NW Seventh Avenue and West Sunrise Boulevard -- west of Andrews Avenue.

Cops responding to the call found the car near a gas station, at which point one of the three guys in the car bailed.

That man was "quickly detained," Mandell says, and the remaining two men in the car got back on the road.

Cops in unmarked vehicles saw the driver crash into a parking meter on NE Fourth Street just east of Andrews Avenue -- also known as the entrance to the New Times office -- and officers attempted to stop the vehicle.

According to Mandell, the driver of the stolen car "accelerated towards the officers" and an officer shot at the driver in defense of himself and his fellow officers.

After a short drive down NE Fourth Street, the driver voluntarily came to a stop just west of NE Third Avenue.

Mandell says that responding officers applied first aid to the suspect and that he was eventually transferred to the Broward General Medical Center.

According to Mandell, the suspect -- whose name has not been released -- was listed in stable condition as of around 10 p.m. last night, and he's expected to recover.

We'd also like to recommend that everyone not allegedly commit crimes near our office.

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Andre Chowtie
Andre Chowtie

I am andre chowtie the victim in this case, and to all the witnesses out there, your the only ones who know I didn't even try to run the officer over he was clearly at the side view of the car... I have court june 1st and really hope god is by my side. I know what I did was wrong and I was going to stop but they just took it to far to shoot me with a 40 in the middle of the back of my neck and it periced thrue the side.


More time on the shooting range needed!


That's just waste of good bullets if these clowns are still alive...


PEACE TO THE WORLD !Enter inner page, omit XXhttp:X//www.Xgodtube.Xcom/watch/?v=FE2JMCNUMay Jesus keep you safe ! Best wishes and Zefirelli's Jesus of  Nazareth  in  3 minutes

Unga Bunga Dunga
Unga Bunga Dunga

Oh Damn it! I had heard Governor Scott had a grenade shot up his ass. Oh well. For a moment there I thought the curtain had finally come down on the Bald Headed Florida Freak Show. 


A narrow minded attitude.  If more crimes are perpetrated near or in the NT offices, think of all the benefits.  Lower expenses.  Greater accuracy.  Timeliness.  And if the cops start arresting NT reporters for bad taste, bias and poor writing, just think of how the property values in the area will soar.

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