Fort Lauderdale Commission Signs Off on Laundry List of Complaints About Casino Plans

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Fort Lauderdale commissioners voted unanimously to complain send off a resolution saying the city's not exactly a fan of the "destination resort casino" bill in the state Legislature -- which is sponsored in the Senate by Fort Lauderdale Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff.

Aside from that little rift in interests, the complaints stressed in the resolution are, uh, wide-reaching.

The resolution claims gambling causes "the misery of individuals" -- including suicide -- and includes things that some people might regard as assumptions, like saying gambling "may promote corruption of the governmental process."

Nothing like some light scare-tactics to get your point across.

The bill is steadily moving through the legislature, but if this resolution from the city commission is to be trusted, Florida's screwed.

Here's the text:

WHEREAS, the Florida Legislature is currently considering various measures that would substantially expand gambling in the State; and

WHEREAS, the legislation being considered would allow for casino operations that rival in size and scope the gambling operations existing in Las Vegas and Atlantic City; and

WHEREAS, notwithstanding the assurances of gambling promoters, historically, large scale casino operations cannibalize non-gambling businesses and have caused, for instance, the shuttering of forty percent of all restaurants and one-third of all retail businesses in Atlantic City; and

WHEREAS, our community will bear the severe and painful economic and social costs that always accompany expansive gambling, including the misery of individuals and families touched by problem gambling as they are at higher risk of divorce, bankruptcy, child abuse, domestic violence, crime, and suicide; and

WHEREAS, expanded gambling may promote corruption of the governmental process as immensely wealthy gambling companies from all over the world seek to receive benefits from state governmental entities that regulate their existence and profits; and

WHEREAS, if gambling interests are allowed to obtain major casino expansion, full scale casino and gambling operations may become commonplace throughout our community and our State; and

WHEREAS, inward facing mega-developments may privatize public streets, destroy the pedestrian experience of downtown neighborhoods, exacerbate traffic, and denigrate the quality of life in our community; and

WHEREAS, based upon the foregoing concerns, the Mayor and City Commissioners of the City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hereby urge the Florida Legislature to reject any and all expansions of gambling in the State of Florida, including any legislation which would legalize so called "destination resort casinos."


SECTION 1.    That the Florida Legislature is hereby urged to reject any and all expansions of gambling, including legislation to legalize so called "destination resort casinos" in Florida.

SECTION 2.    That certified copies of this Resolution shall be transmitted to Broward County, all municipalities in Broward County, the State of Florida and all members of the Florida Legislature representing the City of Fort Lauderdale.

SECTION 3.    That this Resolution shall be in full force and effect upon final passage.

ADOPTED this the ___ day of ___, 2012.

Let's start off with this attention-getter:

"[O]ur community will bear the severe and painful economic and social costs that always accompany expansive gambling, including the misery of individuals and families touched by problem gambling as they are at higher risk of divorce, bankruptcy, child abuse, domestic violence, crime, and suicide," the resolution says.

By "always accompany expansive gambling," it's easy to think Las Vegas -- that's where people are offing themselves. But as the Freakonomics crew checked out last year, gambling might not be the reason it's the suicide mecca.

The resolution also uses the word "will," assuming Fort Lauderdale is going to go through a suicidal child-abusing epidemic if a casino gets too close. The revised resolution replaced the word "will" with "may" on several occasions -- but not that time.

Then there's the thought by the commission that gambling enterprises could actually take over the state, as the resolution states that "expanded gambling may promote corruption of the governmental process" and goes through the takeover of aspects of governments by being a wealthy corporation. That's another case where the wording was changed to "may."

The commission also took out one part of the resolution that was a little less-than-objective:
"[T]he false promises of increased revenue and jobs, like the broken promises that accompanied the lottery and other gambling expansions, are intended to convince Floridians to make a fool's gamble with their future."

On the thought of job-creation being a "false promise," that one's already been called "bullshit" by the Genting CEO, but we've seen both sides of this about a dozen times already around the state.

It looks like the Fort Lauderdale Commission may have a case of the NIMBYs -- but maybe it should. At least we know which side it's on.

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Common Sense
Common Sense

Fort Lauderdale, and Broward County, are going down the same sewer as Miami-Dade, and the politicians in charge can't seem to face the facts. The County Courts and Jails should not be the main source of income for the region, as they seem to be becoming. We need blue collar jobs; construction jobs, hospitality jobs, service jobs, maintainence jobs, etc. A trio of Mega-Resort-Casinos in S.E. Florida would start creating those jobs as soon as they were approved. Every National ans State politician, Republican and Democrat, and every economist has agreed that puting people back to work is the key to reviving our economy. This golden opportunity should be taken advantage of immediately, before it slips through our fingers.   


Gambling IS destructive to the people who live in the area.  Especially to the stupid or the addicted.  There is absolutely no doubt about this.  But it does provide increased economic activity and lots of tax revenue for greasy politicians who will happily sell their children for more cash to buy votes.

Thus we will get casinos and to hell with the poor and pitiful.  And I totally agree.  The poor and pitiful were put on earth to provide revenue for their betters.  Besides, gambling is fun and the injuns are lousy at running casinos. 

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

This is a tough issue for Florida and people on both sides make valid points. I can't fully decide yet which side I'm on.  As the commissioners of a city that is likely to be affected by the state's decision, I think it's a legitimate resolution for the commission. The "Whereas" clauses are unnecessarily definitive but I get their point. Just can't decide from day to day whether I agree. Also, I'm not as worried about gambling corporations taking over the state government. We have seen all too well in this city and county how money can "promote corruption" of the local governmental process. Shoot, these very commissioners could expect major bank for their campaigns if a casino is planned in FTL.

City Activist Robert walsh
City Activist Robert walsh

Oh come on. i know Jack" no casino chips on my beach". I repectfully disagree w/ all of them. I am w/ Ellyn Bogdanoff. Besides Charlotte Rodstrom this could be your next career. Will hav e you singing and dancing to live shows per night, your own dressing room Ann Magraet never had it so good. Just don't get drunk and fall off the stage like she did. Red wig, sequinns, false eyelashes. Art Seitz eat yor heart out. Judy Stern and myself watching the money(pit bosses like you never seen). How could we go wrong. Special treat we could have" earl rynerson" dress up as one of th e Maguire sisters along w/ his poltical architect Mr.Goodrich(nice try)singing back up. How on earth could we go wrong. Then finally the tramp in Iceland can spend whitey Bulger's reward money(2mill-not so fast) like it s going out of stlyle. Giv e the money back Bitch. Your busted.Yeah you and his little girlfriend there that REFUSED her bond hearing(smart).So think it over Ft.Lau.Its a win, win situation.


 No kidding, a big resort casino would put a lot of constuction guys back to work, and three of them would really help the economy. Who wrote their Resolution, Sarah Palin?


Maybe if they were "gay" destinatrion casinos, the city Commissioners would be more supportive.

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