Florida Is Number Three in the Nation! (In Registered Sex Offenders)

For what it's worth, there are only two states in the nation with more registered sex offenders than Florida.

Florida's 57,896 sex criminals puts the Sunshine State behind only California (106,216) and Texas (68,529), and even though Florida's population is about 400,000 less than New York's, the Sunshine State is home to nearly 25,000 more sex offenders.

According to statistics released this week by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, there's been an increase of 7,555 sex offenders nationwide since the last survey -- in June 2011 -- bringing the country to a grand total of 747,408.

According to NCMEC President and CEO Ernie Allen, counting sex offenders is a good thing.

"It is a reasonable measure designed to provide important information to authorities and to help protect the public, particularly children," he says in the organization's announcement. "These registries are especially important because of the high risk of re-offense by some of these offenders and the fact that most of the victims of America's sex offenders are younger than 18 years of age."

Florida also ranks high among the states when the stats are broken down by sex offenders per 100,000 total population, in which it's listed among ten other states with at least 300 sex offenders per 100,000.

Delaware comes out on top in that indicator, with 506 sex offenders per 100,000 people.

If you would desperately like to avoid sex offenders, head to the U.S. Virgin Islands -- St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John have a combined 107 sex offenders, or 97 per 100,000 population.

You can check out the information from the NCMEC by clicking here.

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Does it break it down by people who are labeled sex offenders for being caught urinating in public?   17 year olds who had sex with a 15 & 1/2 year old?  

Valerie Parkhurst
Valerie Parkhurst

CSMcDonald: You really need to catch up . Florida hasnt prosecuted for "Romeo" crimes in years. Those offenders that had consentual sex with their underage girlfriends are petitioning off the registry everyday. Any offender who has appeared on the registry in the last 5 years didnt pee on a bush or piss his girlfriends parents off.. What is walking our streets now? Most should have had a needle stuck in their arm or a bounty on their head.


My nephew was 19 and his girl friend was 1 month short of being 18. When her Mother found out her Daughter was pregnant, she had him arrested and now he has to register for the next 10 years. The Judge told him that he thought it was asinine, but that it was the law here in Oregon.   


Yes but there are still many Romeo crime offenders on the list from 10 years ago before they stopped prosecuting them and their stuck with the same stigma and restrictions as the hardcore felons.

The system is broke, if you deny that your worth to society is about as much as a slugs.

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