Donald Trump Still Bitter About Nobody Wanting to Join His Circus/Debate

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Donald Trump, the chump of Palm Beach, is apparently still upset that nobody wanted to go to his Newsmax debate/circus that ended up getting canceled.

Now he's taking it out on Rep. Michele Bachmann, saying so few people voted for her in Iowa's Republican caucus last night because she didn't want to go to the debate.

On the other hand, former Sen. Rick Santorum -- who lost by just eight votes -- did want to go to Trump's debate.


Trump thinks not.

For those who follow Trump on the Twitter, you'll notice that he predicted yesterday afternoon that Bachmann would finish "dead last" in Iowa because he says she's "disloyal and a terrible boss."

She didn't finish "dead last," but it sucked for Bachmann.

Trump then started saying nice things about Bachmann after the results were tabulated, saying it was "very sad for her" and noting that she's "a nice woman."

Iowa apparently sucked so much for Bachmann that she dropped out of the race this afternoon.

First thought into Trump's head -- it's because she didn't want to go to his debate.

"[W]hen she didn't do the Newsmax debate, it showed great disloyalty, and people rejected her," he says.

On the other hand, Trump says it's "no wonder" Santorum surged in Iowa, since he wanted to go to the debate. Trump congratulated Santorum for "coming out of Iowa a winner," and by "winner," we assume he means "first loser."

More important for Trump, though, is that the new Celebrity Apprentice cast was announced today, although we give too few shits to go look up who's populating the fresh cast of burnouts.

We're really hoping this guy runs for president, mostly for the laughs but also because there's probably a decent chance he'll pick Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino as his running mate.

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Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Okay, his delusions of grandeur might possibly be signs of severe mental illness.


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