Cops Looking for Burnie Reed, Who Allegedly Shot His Pregnant Ex and Killed Her Sister

Broward Sheriff's Office
Burnie Reed, who allegedly shot two women, including his pregnant ex-girlfriend, in the head.
The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is currently searching for 19-year-old Burnie Reed, who the cops say shot both his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her older sister in the head Saturday night.

Chutney McNair, who's pregnant with Reed's child, has since been released from the hospital, but her older sister, Bianca McNair, died at the Broward General Medical Center, according to Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Travis Mandell.

Mandell says police believe Reed was fighting with his ex-girlfriend in the street -- in the 1100 block of NW 11th Street -- around 11 p.m. Saturday when 21-year-old Bianca McNair attempted to intervene.

Mandell says Reed pulled a gun and shot Bianca McNair, 19, in the head from a short distance.

While Chutney McNair attempted to run away, Reed chased her down and shot her in the head too, Mandell says.

Reed fled the scene before the cops showed up.

Mandell adds that Reed also threatened to kill Chutney McNair and the rest of her family after she was released from the hospital, as the cops are still attempting to locate him.

"We need find to find this guy and get him off the streets," Mandell tells New Times.

As usual, phone up the cops if you know anything.

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My Prayers go out to the McNair Family and their lost. I pray God will heal the void of this great and needless lost you have suffered. No words can change or undo that which is done; but I pray you allow God and Justice to answer your pain. So forgiveness can follow after all is said and done, in Jesus name I pray.


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I still can't believe this happened. To Florida McNair family, know that your Delaware family has you in our prayers.


I pray he gets caught for the pain he has put our family through

Steve Saley
Steve Saley

street justice will get this dude...

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