Broward Elections Office: Someone Called to Get Their Ballot Back to Vote Again

Yep. A Broward Republican actually called the county Supervisor of Elections Office to ask for his absentee ballot back so he could vote again.

Mary Cooney, public services director for the county election's office, says she's "only aware of one" person who tried to do this.

As we mentioned earlier today, there have been a few reports around the state of Republican voters trying to call a mulligan on their Rick Perry/Michele Bachmann/Herman Cain/Jon Huntsman/Gary Johnson/other votes and pick someone who's actually running for president.

Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said today that some Palm Beach County Republicans have marked their ballots with presidential choices that aren't too great in hindsight, but at least no one who sent in one of those ballots actually asked for it back.

Bucher noted that "several" voters have called asking for a new ballot because they didn't like their choice, but they hadn't actually sent the ballot in yet.

In that case, you just destroy the ballot and they send you a fresh one.

If anyone's still confused, here's the deal -- if you already voted, you're not allowed to get a do-over and vote again.

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news flash, there is no proof of ID required to register to vote.

how does the supervisor prevent people from voting more than once????

I had 2 valid voter id's at one time.  (but only used 1 to vote). 

Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider

Yes, you can. Take your absentee ballot to your voting office, they destroy the absentee ballot and you then vote. In my case I voted Democrat. The key is you must showup to the precinct with your absentee ballot and turn in the ballot to be discarded. Then vote.

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