Broward GOP and Joe Kaufman Get Clowned by the Daily Show

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Nezar Hamze playing some "God Bless America" for the Broward GOP.
Remember when Nezar Hamze -- a Muslim and executive director of Florida's Council on American-Islamic Relations -- got shut out of the Broward Republican Executive Committee?

That whole situation got a well-deserved clowning from the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

The show even landed a hilarious interview with "congressional candidate" Joe Kaufman, a constant critic of Hamze and CAIR.

The Daily Show's Jason Jones got around to asking Kaufman something we've all been wondering about Kaufman and his organization, "Americans Against Hate."

"What is your definition of against?" he asked.

Kaufman's struggle to find a definition adds to the hilarity of the entire thing.

Here's politicking in Broward for you -- check out the segment:

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Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Kaufman just jumps right into the deep end and exposes his bigotry and hatred.  Sad thing is so does the rest of the republicans.  I just wish they would stop giving Florida a bad name.


That was pretty funny, even if you are a Republican. 


Clown car is about the best description for the GOP these days.

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