Broward County Attorney Is Highest-Paid County Employee in the State (and Other Salary Info)

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No county employee is paid more in the state of Florida than Broward County Attorney Joni Armstrong Coffey, according to information compiled by a new open-government website. put together a ton of information regarding state and county spending, as well as payroll and revenue information.

Coffey's 2011 salary is $346,195, one of only two county employees statewide (with former Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess) who banked -- or were set to bank -- more than $300,000.

For the sake of information, here are 12 highest salaries of Broward employees in 2011:


The 12 highest salaries of 2011 from the Broward Sheriff's Office:


And here are the top 12 salaries from the Broward School Board:


There are dozens of ways you can sort all of the information between counties and states, so if there's something you're looking for, you can probably find it on the website.

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R U fuckin kidding me with these salaries. There is something very wrong going on. When are we going to rise up and demand some freakin accountability? What a fuckin joke!!!!  I worked for 40 years down here and payed all my taxes so a bunch of crooks can rape me and my family? It is beginning to feel like 1968 all over again. 

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

First of all Pamela Madison making almost making 250 grand is a joke. i mean bertha really. As far as Att.Coffey making the most-she is well worth it. And Joanie-(if a may) tell Lieberman your the County Att. not her.


But we have to layoff teachers, firefighters, and cops!?!?!


As near as I can tell all of these weasels are grossly over paid and should be prosecuted for theft.  These 36 bureaucrats are paying themselves over $6,000,000 and they all recommend the pay of each other.

If we can't get these jobs done for half of this amount, I would be amazed.  After all, none of theses snakes ever breaks a sweat, endangers themselves, is ever fired, or takes the slightest risk in anyway.

Trash in suits.

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